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Rev.Dr. August Abbott
Rev.Dr. August Abbott, Clergy
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Do you think that when you pray to god over and over for the

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Do you think that when you pray to god over and over for the same thing, that he still hears you? Is there a way to say thank you when you believe he has come through for you? I am religous but I dont practice so I hope he does not think I am asking too much.

The marvelous thing about God is that He has an infinite number of miracles to give out. There is no limit to how many you can have.

The thing is, our miracle might not be exactly what we hope for. It will always be the thing we need though. Even if we don't know it at the time.

The other thing is, God always answers our prayers. Sometimes the answer is 'no'. Or 'maybe'. Or 'not right now'.

What we need to do is accept whatever the answer is with grace and trust. Just like a toddler might not know why you take that 5th piece of candy away from them, YOU know it's because you love them and want them to thrive and flourish.

As for thanking God - well, of course you can offer thanks in your prayers, but better yet, give thanks in actions and deeds. By being kind to someone else, forgiving others, lending a hand without being asked, all acts of kindness and charity are sincere forms of 'thanks'

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I really do try to be a good person and hope that I have good values and have taught my children the same. I have been running an animal rescue since the late 90's - recently one of the cats got out and is lost now and I am worried sick. I am praying she will come home (she is not an outdoor cat, is older and we are located in a rural area. I want him to hear my prayers about her but I have already been asking him for help with my relationship (a lot) - I know others out there need more and I should be asking him to help others that are sick or hurt. - I did ask him to help get that little boy home that was held hostage in Alambama - I was glad he heard me and the boy is home and safe. I dont want to be selfish but I just want my relationship happy and healthy and Sydney home safe. I am worried that she is scared and not eating.

Oh, God takes care of His dear animals without our asking. Again though, sometimes it's not what we'd do, but what is in place to balance nature in the most perfect way. The only times it's off balance is when humans interfere.

Your rescued kitty has perhaps been shown the way to a new home where she will live out her days in warmth and comfort. Or perhaps He has called her home Himself.

No matter what, do not feel guilty for praying for His care and love. There is nothing too small or insignificant. Remember, He is God. GREAT at multi-tasking and able to do all things. So you're not being selfish - ask Him all you want. Just remember that you may not always get the answer you want, but you'll always have His undivided attention.