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my boyfriend owns a bar and has given a bartender that works

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my boyfriend owns a bar and has given a bartender that works for him a ride home consecutively.I broke up with him because of it.
What can I help you with? Why break up over a ride home?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Because its not the first time. However I didnt know this until yesterday.


It was the first karoke night at the bar and it was slow. He asked me to come keep his company. I did. It went well. Toward the end. Everyone was packing up and getting ready to go. The girl was the only bartender there however she needed a ride home. He lived the closest to her is what I learnt but why does he have to drop a girl scantily dressed home.

I later learned that he did it supposedly once before on Friday past.

Maybe he is being nice to a coworker???
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yea but, why? Im so glad I talked to you. You are right. That is probabbly all there is to it. but we have had such a bad start that I have a hard time trusting him. our relationship started with him in another relationship and me about a month officially out of an engagement. I am four years older than he is and much closer to 30 than he is. I suffer from anxiety as it relates to him and other women I suppose because he used to be a player and now he has changed supposedly. People tease him all the time. we have been in an official quote on quote relationship since Nov 2012 however we have been in a quote on quote stay over relationship since April 2012. we learned the term stay over after we were already so deep in. He left his girlfriend in July 2012 after much talk.


Point is. yes he may be being nice but why didn't he tell me that he dropped her on Friday night too!! I was away with the fam on a mini getaway.


since we are supposedly trying to work on trust as best we can couldnt he have told me on Saturday that he gave a girl a ride home? Is that really too much to ask?

Well a couple of things here. 1) Don't be with a guy you can't trust. It will simply drive you crazy and in turn drive him crazy. 2) He might not have told you for this exact reason, because you will freak out. 3) Is he trustworthy or not? If he is then let it go. Chalk it up to him being nice. Above all else, you two need to have some serious communication about trust, respect, and honesty. What each person expects of the other. That's where I would start.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks you are correct. I have come to realization that I don't trust him hence I will stick with my decision. Any quick breakup advice?
Honest and cordial.
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