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Dr.Merc, Clinical Psychologist (20+)
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  Doctorate Psychologist
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

it is always from my present home.ihave met the people in some dreams who have taken over the house.tuesday night we were evicted from there,we went but yet again im always gutted and crying to my husband to get the house back.many times the houses i move to are much nicer than mine.idont want to pay more than eleven this is a treat for myself.kind regards XXXXX XXXXX you

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the reply window is not working well, but i will do my best .i apologize in advance if all of this response does not go through or if it difficult to read.

Dreams can mean many different things and the only person who can truly interpret them is the dreamer, but I am certainly happy to share some thoughts and questions with you.

First...ask yourself what you think it means and write it down.

Dreams can be a fascinating source of information. They can feel especially important if we are struggling in some way and looking for answers, comfort or hope. While there are many different schools of thought regarding the symbolism in dreams, in my experience the most helpful interpretations come from the person that had the dream. For specific symbolism, you can google dream symbols and you will see hundreds of sites. Only you can decide if they are helpful.

According to analytic theories, dreams are , in part, made up of events from
earlier in the day "day residue." Some day residue is meaningful and some is
not. Freud also believed that dreams were a form of wish fulfillment. In my experience, dreams can be about things we wish for as well as things we are afraid of or are anxious about.

Dreams have obvious content (manifest) and symbolism content (latent). The manifest content in this dream are the facts that you have described, moving, sadness, etc. , etc. The less obvious meaning might be things like, fear of change. From your question, I gather that what you want are ideas about what this dream means or the latent content.

Now having said all of that, there are some people that believe that every person in our dreams is actually a version of ourselves. In addition, the part of ourselves that dreams is not bound by any rules of reality or time. That is why so many experiences
in our dreams make no sense and could never happen in the real world. For instance, one person can suddenly become another and one location can actually be three or four places all melded into one. There is no rhyme or reason to the
logic of dreams.

As an outsider, the simplest interpretation is intense fear. It could be a fear of change, loss, fear of having no control over your life, etc. Have you ever felt like there was stabillity in your life only to have it ripped away? Is there a reason you can think of that this worry might plague you? What does your house mean to you? For some people house is the equivalant of home and family. Do you have fears about relationships ending in some way? Some beleive that a house is a symbol of a whole person.

Keep in mind that the only person who can truly interpret the full meaning of a dream is the dreamer. Ask yourself whenthe dream started. Does it re-ocurr in conjunction with similar life events or the anniversay of a life event. Did it stop for a long period? Given that this dream seems fear based, ask youself what your deepest fears are. What thoughts, feelins and memories come up when you think about the dream?

I realize that I have given you a good deal of information and it may not be what you are looking for, so let me know if you need something different.

take care

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I found it interesting what you say as fear is the one feeling manifest most the time in daily life.i have put over ten stone on since i lost the third one of my sibling.I am not afraid of death sometimes would welcome it.i wont leave the house in my daily life so after reading what you put i think i do understand more,although the dream started long before all the death.thank you so much i am really grateful.


I am so sorry to hear that you are struggling.

First, if you ever feel that you are unable to keep yourself safe please call your local crisis hot line or 911 (or its national equivalent).

Fear is a powerful emotion and learning how to manage it can take time. There are several tools you may want to explore: meditation, yoga, cognitive therapy, insight-oriented therapy. It can be very important to understand your fear and explore how it impedes your life. Perhaps a good local therapist could walk you through the process. You may find self help books useful as well. There are a myriad of books on anxiety reduction. However, there can be a difference between anxiety and fear so when looking at the books make sure it speaks to what you want.

hope that helps. You do not have to live everyday with fear.

Dr.Merc, Clinical Psychologist (20+)
Category: Relationship
Satisfied Customers: 4
Experience: Doctorate Psychologist
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