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jadt65, Multisystemic Therapy
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  Provided relationship counseling for more than 20 years for people in every stage of life.
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There must have been a computer glich. I wanted to close ,

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There must have been a computer glich. I wanted to close , add tip and give you more informations about me. But I can do that all in this new question.

Your points are well taken. You are confirming many of my own conclusions. Here the new info leading up to question. I am not sure you can review or comment or recommend things but here goes.

I will try very hard to sit and wait for someone to make the first move, meaning contact me on the online dating site. I am not in any rush. No desperate need to fill a void to coin a phrase. I always was my own best friend and made myself happy. Not a social butterfly but not a hermit either.

With that being said, I had composed what I was going to post on online dating site. it first describes me, then what I am seeking and not seeking in a potential women and finally laying out the reason for companionship status. I always am honest and upfront and no games and make sure the person knows fully what she is getting. The main reason why I like to write so much is that I want to be sure as possible that the person I am speaking to or writing to understands and comprehends my thoughts and opinios as accurately as possible and leaves very little room for mis-interpretation.

Should I post this or does it come of to weird or awkward. ?

I consider myself as well balanced Libra. I am imaginative, complex and
logical, nontraditional, emotional, very romantic and very caring, opinionated yet open to debate on other viewponts and that helps me become better at coming up with unique and novel solutions to all of lifes experiences. I'm
cautious when meeting new people or making new friends. I get bored with idol chit chat. I dont do FB or Tweet. I'm private but open up to people I find
interesting and trust. I work at home all day. I am a home body
not a social butterfly and not a hermit. I like going out to dinner, movies (action, Bollywood / Hindi romantic), shows like cirq de sole, shore,
walks, dancing, scenic views, antique auctions, garage sales, flea
markets... and I like it that way. I like intelligent conversation and interesting
people. I enjoy my independent living, yet my emotional and romantic side would like companionship also. I changed my preference to companionship
which I go deeper later. in chat.

Rather than a wish list, I am going to be brutally honest and different and start filtering. I am not for everyone. you will see why in comments section
later. I'm not looking for someone that's coming from a bad relationship trying to find the "love of of a lifetime". Not looking for a person that "needs
to" or "has to" be married. At this stage of life, not looking to make and raise babies or find some one that cant stand on their own two feet. With That
being said, I will respond to someone that thinks the same way, Thinks we can click, believes we work well, and even more importantly, play well together. Someone that knows what I experienced, has similar experience is worth pursuing.

Now I will explain. I had the love of my life, the love of a lifetime. She past away almost 3 years ago from breast cancer. Relationship experts say I am a
widower even though not married, but, out of respect to real widows and widowers, I wont classify myself on this website that way. Now you know. It would be wrong to lead someone looking for marriage. I need to take it slow.
Perhaps Companionship may lead to something serious. only time will tell. I am being open and honest as I can. Maybe someone will come by, maybe they wont. I will leave it at this point.


I am sorry about the site problems.

I think that you have represented yourself very well. The only thing I am concerned about the information your girlfriend. The reason being is that there are many women out there that think they need to "fix" the situation for you, which is something that you and I both know is not desired or feasible. Chances are that you would find yourself resentful of such actions. I think providing this in depth disclosure of your circumstances would be much better suited to a chat. That way you can assess of this women with whom you are speaking is someone that can respect your situation and be trusted not to "fix" it.

Back to your question about things to do. Perhaps going to some estate sales night be an option. Start a conversation with someone who is looking at an item that you find interesting. That would seem to be a "safe" neutral type of place.

I hope this answers your question. If not, please let me know what I need to clarify. Otherwise, please accept my answer and rate my service.



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