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Recently I had a dream in which a woman informed me that I

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Recently I had a dream in which a woman informed me that I needed to contact a girl I went to college with 10 years ago but had never spoken to. There were several times in that period that I would randomly think about her. I am in a happy relationship but after the dream I contacted her for the first time in my turned out we had a lot in common like weird random stuff and that though I live in mi and she lives in Nebraska that my great aunt married her great uncle. There was intense attraction just thru convo and she then told me that for the last 5 years she has had dreams about me and a feeling that we are supposed to be together what the hell does this mean?

Although it is often difficult to explain, most theories of psychology agree that we all have a subconscious part of our thinking that is mostly buried in normal day to day functioning.


This part of us may be in tune to things that our conscious mind will not or cannot accept. In the case of this woman you may have had strong feelings that at the time you were unable or unwilling to act upon.


But look at now...You have been motivated to contact her, really almost out of the blue ( even though there has been some thoughts of her through the years.) And, then, you discover that you are both attracted to each other and have been thinking about each other over that same time.


You ask: What does this mean? Although unusual, things like this do happen. None of us, even in psychology can fully explain these things. However, what you have had happen seems nothing short of startling, and would it hurt to explore this further? Admittedly, it is unusual. But precedence for this fills books about reationships and although it is not ordinary, our minds are so complex that it is difficult to know exactly why we feel as we do.


Clearly there is unspoken attraction to each other that may have existed for a while. Take your time and explore this. See if it is not a direction that you wish to go...and enjoy the process. The best gifts we get in life are unexpected. Steven

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Steve, she actually is a clinical psychologist and we are aware of the general description you supplied, maybe I don't understand this site, I was thinking this would be anwsered by a dream interpreter?

I am sorry I did not catch the full picture of your question. I certainly can help you here. My apology for not capturing this in the first post.

The issue with dream interpretation is that the theory or belief system of the interpreter pretty much determines the end result of the dream analysis. However, this particular dream just begs to be interpreted from a Jungian perspective.


In a Jungian sense, your dream is a clear call of the female side of your personality, the amima.


Because men repress (according to Jung) their deeper sensitivities, including most "female" intuition, the anima figure is one of the most significant of dreams for a man.


It is said that when you dream of a female figure, who is giving you an instruction of some sort, that this is your unconscious-sensitive self speaking symbolically. In this case it would be your female intuitive part that does not normally have a conscious voice in your life.


(In Jungian psychology the separation of men and women is simply cultural and we possess both sides equally. It is only through our culture and rearing that males tend to become more aggressive-logical and women more emotional-intuitive. Left alone, they would naturally balance. Jung states that your unconscious is constantly trying to balance these forces and undo cultural influences.)


In this case, your intuitive side, represented by the dream woman, is making you aware of something that you already "knew"...that this other girl is a "match" to your emotional and unconscious self. But because that critical information may have been put aside because of life demands, stress, other relationships or circumstances... it was not acted upon at the time you met her. This female dream figure then becomes a drawing influence on you, asking you to question where you are now, and to draw you into a new relationship with your emotional "match".


The girl you knew in college, Jung would say, is also equally influenced to think of you. Synchronicity, a Jungian view, states that these drawing forces eventually come together in what might appear to be an arbitrary way, but indeed they are purposeful based on the "energy" that you both share. So, simply said. Your dream is a draw to not only enrich yourself through this new relationship, but also a completion of your emotional side. The female figure is a side of you, telling you what you could not act on as a male in normal life. Now that you are acting on it, this dream will most likely not repeat unless you do not establish some sort of rapport with the girl you knew in college.


I hope this response was more of what you desired. It was a fascinating question. Steven

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