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In my dream my daugther was walking over a street when a car

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In my dream my daugther was walking over a street when a car came very fast and crashed on her. Her feet came off and blood was everywhere and it was just horrible. I woke up screaming.

The day before I had a dream about that my father had fallen a sleap when he was driving but fortunately I was able to wake him up and he could control the car again.

I am sorry to hear of the pain this has caused.

Dreams involving car accidents are quite common. That said, the dream content you experience reflects unresolved concern related to your daughter or fears related to her or what is happening in her life. For some reason you feel she is in some type of distress that you cannot resolve and FEAR that she may not be able to resolve this.

This dream, piggy-backed on the dream related to you Father driving also refects unexpressed concern you have for him or your relationship. My guess is that you have concerns about him that have either not been expressed or that he has not been willinging to listen to.

I welcome your comments.

Otherwise, I wish you the best,

Kindest regards, Bill


Thank you
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Thank you for this.

I guess this is about her education and my concern for her in that sense. Will things be ok for her?

Hi Lena-

If she is happy and safe-be loving and supportive and all should be well.
Educational stress is at is peak at this time -for both parents and children.

I wish you the very best.

Kindest regards, Bill

I appreciate your Positive Rating so that I Receive Credit for my Time.

Thank you