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Sleeping with my girlfriend

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I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy and am in a wheelchair. I have a girlfriend from Japan. She is coming to visit me in March and we are going to Disneyland together. She wants to sleep with me and is looking forward to it. I want to sleep with her too. In case you are wondering, I am not a virgin. The problem is, my mom needs to come with me on the airplane and stay in the hotel. My mom reserved two rooms. My mom comes from a religious background that frowns on sex before marriage. Is there a way to somehow get her out of the way? I would like to spend the entire night with my girlfriend who I love more than anything in the universe. We are thinking about marriage.


P.S. We are both adults. I am 33 and my girlfriend is 31.

So did you tell your mom the plan of having her sleep in a different room? Why does mom need to go with you? Can someone else go with you?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My mom made the reservations for two rooms. A room for my mom and I and a room for my girlfriend. I will at least, stay up late in my girlfriend's room but I would like the spend the whole night with her. I am imagining her disappointed look when I say I need to go back to my mom's room. I will be disappointed too. There is no one else to go with me that knows how to get me on the plane and how to handle the disassembling of my electric wheelchair. The only other type of person that may be able to go with me is a paid attendant but who would be trustworthy? Also, the plane tickets are in my name and my mom's name. Are there any caretakers in California that could help create an alibi of some sort? I need some way of transfering my care from my mom to some trustworthy third party when I arrive in California. Unless, there is another way of course.

The other way would be to TELL THE TRUTH. Here you go trying to find alibis and caretakers when all you need to do is man up and let your mom know you will be staying in the same room as your girlfriend. Sure she will be disappointed. She will get over it. The only other option would be find someone to learn how to disassemble your wheelchair and have them accompany you. I think option one will be easier.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I don't think she would let me go if I did that. Any other ideas?

Are you kidding me now???? Since when does a 33 year old need permission from his mother. Hire someone else to go. Otherwise, it is going to be very awkward on what should be a fun vacation.
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