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ben0308, Social Worker
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my ex want time and space. she has had a hard time in the

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my ex want time and space. she has had a hard time in the past with her ex husband leaving her and bad boy frends. we have been going out for 18 months. i say 18 month but we really stoped seeing her over 2 months ago. as i see it. i feel that she give mixed feeling like she keep my photo on the wall still and has got present for me and my son and as well for my sisters kids. she asked me for help with things round the house . we had a baby boy called ollie . i love jenny very much and i feel that she is runing away . this is mixed up. when we had this moment when it was to much and she had lost her spark for me . we had a chat about the problem that i think i was coured and she for gave me . but i did say some things that must have got her thinking .like she text me but never calls much. its like she want me but dosent!.i get on with her 2 kids!. in something she find it hard to ask for help! as jenny has got her self back on her feet after all the problem with her ex husband. most pepole have told me to give up ! . i lover very much. i want to make her dream . jenny did tell me that she want to take thing very very slowly. i would like to have a one to one with her but i think she will blow up at me. i have got time for jenny as i can see it from her side.


Thank you for contacting us for assistance. First of all, I am sorry that you are having this issue with someone whom you feel so connectd with and care so much about. My suggestion is that I would give Jenny the space that she is asking. It sounds like she is having a hard time right now of her own and needs some time and space to figure out what she needs for herself. I would highly suggest that you remain available to her and let her know that you are there for her whenever she is ready to talk. Times likes these in relationships can be the toughest of them all as we cannot control the other person that we care so much about and just want them to love us; however, Jenny must work this through on her own other wise it will not be a "relationship" at all. I would be supportive to her and let her know that you are "there" for her as long as you are willing to "be there for her." You seeme to understand her struggles at this time in her life and are willing to wait this out and see what happens. Just be prepared if things do not go the way you want them to so you are not toatlly upset and devastated as only Jenny has control of her destiny. I wish you only the best. You sound like a wonderful guy who loves this girls and is wiling to do whatever to be with her. i certaily hope for the best for you. Remember that I am here for you for any future assistance. The best to you.

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Thank you for your postive rating. I hope things work out for you. Remember, if you need further assistance, I am here for you.Thanks again