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I have been seeing a guy for two years, he is married, he has

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I have been seeing a guy for two years, he is married, he has now left the family home and living with his mum. he has had numerous affairs and after going on to his face book account he is flirting with another women. he is now off to australia for a month... I need this relationship to end and I need to walk away I have tried, but he keeps coming to my door and i can't turn him away
You have to take control of this. He is a serial cheater and he will not stop. You are the only one who can do this, no one else can stop it for you. You can't turn him away is actually, you won't turn him away. You are just going to have to stop answering your door or go to the authorities and get some sort of restraining order on him. This is the type of man who will "collect" women and uses them for his value of self worth. What are your options at this point? He is not going to stop pursuing you. The solution lies with in you and you only. You are going to have to learn to turn him away. That's all you can do. Be strong and know that he does not love you, he just wants you for his own use. Get mad. Use your anger to help you walk away. Aren't you better than this?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you I have tried so many times to walk away, my daughter and sister do not trust him. And I get so annoyed with myself for taking him back and opening the door to him, I have no idea why I have this connection with him....

You just need to be strong and know that you are better than this. You already see what kind of person he is. You know that you will never be his "one and only". He loves women, he needs women and you are just one in a line of them for him. Like I said, get mad! Use this anger to help you. You have time now while he is away to work on this. and to think about what you want. Listen to your daughter and sister and listen to yourself, because you know what is happening here. Do something about it.
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