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Each weeknight my husband started to play online games with

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Each weeknight my husband started to play online games with my nephew who is 15 and in high school. I am concerned that this is happening when my nephew needs to do his homework. If I were 15 I would MUCH rather play an online game with my uncle than do my homework. My husband is initiating these games online. (card games/gin rummy). I said that our nephew may be doing homework when my husband asks him to play and my husband got angry. I dont think this is a good idea. Not sure what to say or do.

Hello. Do you have custody of your nephew? Is he living with you? I'm not clear on what role you are both having with him and the amount of discipline you both are comfortable with.
What are your nephew's grades like in school? Are his teachers concerned about his homework? All of these things are a factor, but the botXXXXX XXXXXne is he should not be playing games until his homework is completed. Whatever you have to or can do to get that clear point across to them, is what you need to be doing. As I said, I'm not clear as to what level of parenting you are able to enforce, so I can't be specific, but he must be doing his homework first. Try explaining to him how important school is to his future and how it always should come first. Your husband should be supportive of this and you need to talk with him about it without your nephew present. Explain how you have to be a good example, not just the "fun" in his life. Don't be angry or mad about it, just explain it to him and how it is your responsibility as adults to make sure that he grows up with his own sense of responsibility. Your concerns are legitimate.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you. Our nephew doesn't live with us. He is with his parents many hours away. Your comments on how his grades are. This was helpful
OK. I know it can be difficult when you feel limited in what you can do. You can only do your best and hope they both get the point !