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SLREED, Counselor
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  MS Marriage/Family therapy. Four years as a counselor.
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meet a 35 year old girl in September she has a six year old

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meet a 35 year old girl in September she has a six year old boy, she has been divorced for 2 years, so we started dating, within a month were are sleeping together, but hiding it from the boy but yet all three of us are spending all our spare time together, road trips, day at the beach, drives, zoos, restaurants the whole nine yards, we started getting real close , i told her she's stealing my heart her and the boy and I've got deep feelings i think I'm falling in love i kinda knew this was too fast but i wanted her to know i wasn't using her and wasn't going to embarrass her or hurt her and the boy, just wanted her to know i was real for her and the boy, we finally got some alone time spent a long weekend in Chicago she told me she had a wonderful time but this was too much and she has to stop it, than she continues to call and text me and tells me the boy wants to see me, so i let her back in and spend the day with her and the boy, mainly taking care of the boy video games etc. At the end of the night i told her i couldn't do this buddy thing anymore, it just didn't feel right kinda phony they way we had to act considering how close we got, her tears and her fears i understood initially but know i just dont know so i cut myself outta the picture, don't understand her and don't want to hurt or mislead the boy.

Considering the situation I think that you did the right thing. For her she may see you as someone that is a positive male role model in her sons life. She may also like you as a friend and wants to be sleep with you but is not ready for a relationship. With that being said, I do feel like you did the right thing in regards XXXXX XXXXX being the fall back guy.

I agree with everything that you said in regards XXXXX XXXXX wanting to mislead her child, because having you around doing activities with him caring on like it is a "family" and that is not what she wants, can cause confusion with the child, especially at his age. the only thing you can do is tell her how you feel and ask her if she would like to move toward someone more than friendship or just remain friends. If she says friends and you know that you cannot be around her in that way, then it is just best to stay away.

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