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Dr. Paige
Dr. Paige, Psychologist
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist
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Hi Dr. Paige!! I hope you are doing well.. its me from Greece

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Hi Dr. Paige!! I hope you are doing well.. it's me from Greece who pursued that dynamic girl... Some days ago she sent me an email asking me how I am doing and I found out that she was confused. We chatted and she told me that she is confused and that she wanted to be where she is, but at the same time it doesn't feel right for her. I helped her (exactly the way YOU helped me) understand that it is all a battle between her head and her heart. She couldn't find a way to confront it so I told her what you told me: she has awareness, she is in touch with her feelings, so she should follow her intuition orelse her real self inside her will always fight to get out and it will take the best of her!!! Isn't that very interesting, that I realised that she has exactly the same "problem", the same situation with me, being at a relationship that is fine but that does not seem to fulfill her, just as mine doesnt seem to fully fulfill me? I was impressed!! What I told her touched her and she thanked me for helping her with that. So yesterday she sent me a message and we went for a coffee after a long time. The chemistry was there, I think more mature and more settled down this time. Her walls were (at last!) not up, so we had a great time together and communication was flowing happily and easy. We didn't talk about the situation between us, we just talked about many other things. Today I went for a coffee with my current girlfriend and there were moments that I actually wanted to cry because she is a wonderful girl but some things are beyond my control and I dont know what will happen in the end.. I really feel sorrow... but it seems as if things go the way they are meant to go nevertheless. I wish everything turns out the best for all of us... Just wanted to tell you the situation these days, if you have any thoughts on that please share them with me because I love your opinions and they were really helpful for me always. Thank you!!!...
I think that is all very wonderful! Anytime where there is happiness in any situation, it should be enjoyed. We all have these sort of conflicts throughout life. It's just the way it goes. Some are based around relationships, some based on living situations and in any case, we always have difficult decisions to make. Wondering about making the "right" decision is stressful for most people and not so much for others. Being able to relax, go with the flow and not over analyzing things works for some, thinking about every aspect works for others! It's the beautiful and agonizing parts of life!
I would just tell you that while things went well here, keep in mind that things may not always be that way and if she has moments of stress, she may not be as open and pleasant towards you. Don't take anything too personal in either case. I Know right now, you are very happy with your conversation and that is wonderful, but you know how up and down she can be, so if you get the opposite from her in the future, don't get upset and wonder what happened. It's just the ups and downs that happen in these kind of situations.
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