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My 27 year old son is very depressed because of 1) his job

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My 27 year old son is very depressed because of 1) his job loss, which wasn't such a great one, anyways (telemarketing). 2) One of his best friend died last week due to overdose. He is not using anything serious right now, except clonozapam. He lives with me and my husband. I wanted to know what I should do or say to either comfort him or motivate him to get out of his bedroom and do some exercises, at least. He doesn't want to go to a psychologist, plus, we don't have money for that. I don't want to be confrontational either. Thanks
I would first find information about the grieving process. There are stages that will prove helpful especially if he has not suffered losses in the past. He can also honor his friend by doing something significant that will offer him closure. This could be something very simple such as writing a letter or relating his feelings at a significant place. As far as working, there are resources in any community that would offer him hope and eventually lessen his depression. He may want to achieve but doesn't know where to start. Help him visit a local community college or a job training program. Being successful can offer even the lowest mood hope. It may take some hand holding at first but he needs to decide what he wants to do and research ways to make a fresh start. There are different programs that help lower income people make huge changes. Be a positive voice and see if you can get him excited about something. When he feels hopeful, depression can take a dramatic turn.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your advice. Yes, he wrote a poem to his friend and he was getting over it until he lost his job. He made plans to go to college next semester. He wants to be an IT specialist, and everything seems to be planned for the future, except the job. What are the best places for someone w/o a lot of training? He's been in telemarketing and sales for too long. He doesn't want to work in retail either. The only places he's been looking at is Craig's list. Thank you again

You can try your local unemployment office. That is your best bet. There are also what we call in Maryland as job programs. For instance, a large entity like Goodwill gives the person two weeks training in resume, interview skills etc and then helps them with job placement. You would have to find out what these services are called in your state. I would try Unemployment first.
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