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Dr. Mark
Dr. Mark, Psychotherapist
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  Dr. Mark is a PhD in psychology helping with relationships
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Do not know if this is right place to ask this question,desperate,

Customer Question

Do not know if this is right place to ask this question,desperate, kind of need quick answer,love my wife, she is a beautiful woman and person,I am 52years old work 50 hours a week,and I have lost my sex drive,I am in pretty good shape for 52,tell her just wore out,is there anything I can do? Any help would be appreciated
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 4 years ago.

Hi! You know, to give you the best answer, I think I should ask you a few questions first that will help define the problem and the situation.

First, you wrote about a testosterone booster and vitamins. Did you actually discuss the problem with your doctor and have hormone and nutritional testing done? If not, would you be willing to?

Have you tried PDE-5 inhibitors, like Viagra?

Do you really believe you just "wore out"? What does that mean? Is there a lot of anxiety? Are there some other things going on that might be causing this?

Do you masturbate on your own? If so, has this also ceased?

Any extra information that will help, feel free to share.

Dr. Mark

Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 4 years ago.

Hi. I see you've viewed but haven't yet responded to my follow up questions to you. I would be very interested in hearing back from you with your responses and then moving forward on your question if it is still an issue. Or if you feel there is no need to reply, I would appreciate your give a rating of 5 (Great Service) or 4 (Informative and helpful), or even 3 (Got the job done) button. This will make sure that I am credited for the answer and you are not charged anything more than the deposit you already made by pressing any of these buttons.

Let me know,

Dr. Mark