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SLREED, Counselor
Category: Relationship
Satisfied Customers: 220
Experience:  MS Marriage/Family therapy. Four years as a counselor.
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have had a hard time trusting the man im invovled with i love

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have had a hard time trusting the man im invovled with i love him but he is not giving me what i need. i still see him just only once a week or so as i have many things to do. Everytime i try to get away from him or he senses im not satisfied he keeps calling. my question is should i continue to try with him or move on as it has been 11 years and im not getting an younger

It sounds like you have been with your boyfriend for a long time. I think that it is time to ask yourself some questions so that you can decide where you want to go. First you should ask yourself if you see this relationship going anywhere for the future.


Since you have been with him for 11 years, you still do not trust him. This is not a good sign. I think that only you can decide if you want to leave him or not. You know what is best for you. If you feel like you are not satisfied, do not let him talk you into staying with him.


If it has been 11 years and this relationship is not what you want, nor do you see it ever turning into what you want. It may be best to weigh some other options. If you would like, you can tell him that you would like a break so that you both can date others. During this time, date other people to see if you this is where you want to be, or if you want to be with your current boyfriend.


Often times, we are with someone so long that we become used to having them there. It may be time to step out and try something new. If you don't like what you find and find yourself missing you boyfriend, then you can always come back. But do what makes you happy. You do not want to waste your time with someone that you do not see yourself with in the long run.

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