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Dr. Tiye
Dr. Tiye, Psychologist
Category: Relationship
Satisfied Customers: 46
Experience:  As a Clinical Psychologist since 2002, I have conducted couples therapy and led relationship groups.
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While I was dating (2 years after my divorce was final), the

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While I was dating (2 years after my divorce was final), the men that I kept meeting were kind of clueless about the respect level that I wanted. Is it that there are no real gentlemen left anymore or I just didn't find them?

Dr. Tiye : Although this is a common dilemma, please don't give up. Our gut or sixth sense often warns us early when someone is not right for us, which is great because we can get them out of the way so that we can find the right match. Always let your expectations for respect known early, so that you can determine if he's up for the challenge. If he's not then you can push right pass him. What are your thoughts?

True, I think maybe I was not being assertive enough when I was dating. It seemed like the ones I was dating were not taking me seriously. One told me how to wear my hair when I went out with him, another one told me I was too "low income" for him, and another one took me to a party, got himself a drink, and did not get me a drink. I am from the South and I believe in

Dr. Tiye : Oh my, yes they don't sound like winners! Going through a marriage, growing wiser, and gaining life experience has helped you determine what you want and those same
Dr. Tiye : Things have helped you to earn it.
Dr. Tiye : Never settle. Your life is too short and your love is too long for anything less than a man that will cherish and appreciate you
Dr. Tiye : (and open ever door!)
Dr. Tiye : every door

Amen :)

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