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Norman M.
Norman M., Psychotherapist
Category: Relationship
Satisfied Customers: 2568
Experience:  ADHP(NC), DHP, ECP, UKCP Registered, 10 years in relationship counselling, over 2,000 satisfied mental health customers.
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Dr. Norman, Im on the train back to Bangkok. Just finished

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Dr. Norman,

I'm on the train back to Bangkok. Just finished the eight day meditation retreat, and I liked it. The only bad thing was that I attempted to commit suicide on the seventh day, and another one before I went to the retreat.

Right now I know I want two things.

First, I want to continue with the courses. But as its length of stay is eight days, I am not able to attend more than twice a year, because they give us 14 days of vacation at my workplace.

Second, I really want to live in a cabin in the woods. I want to grow veggies and mushrooms, of which half I will keep for consumption and the rest sold. But I don't know if I will be able to give myself value in that, because it's totally different from my current work as a news reporter. And I don't even know whether or not I will regret it I resign.

Thanks for getting in touch. It sounds as if part of the problem is that you may be suffering from mixed anxiety and depression - depression is causing you to feel bad, and the other part is that your negative thinking about your life situation is just adding to that.

If I have given you this information previously, I apologize

Both these things can be dealt with by a combination of proper medication and a course of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It is a form of therapy that addresses problems in a direct and targeted way and is brief compared with most other therapies.

The first thing you need to do is to see your Doctor – he will give you a full diagnosis and if appropriate, start your on a suitable anti-depressant medication. He will also want to rule out any physical cause of what you is experiencing.

Depression is seen as a chemical imbalance in the brain, just as diabetes is a chemical imbalance in the body. Diabetics take medication to stay well, why shouldn’t you?

Don’t be afraid of taking medication – it could really help turn your whole life around

Two important issues about this - when you is on medication, you must take it at the correct dose and as prescribed. It is no use missing doses or messing around with the dose.

Secondly, you should know that anti-depressants can take up to 8 weeks from the start of therapy before they begin to show beneficial effects, so it's no use quitting after two weeks.

I mentioned CBT - is based on the fact that what we think in any given situation generates beliefs about, and reactions to that situation, and also cause the behaviour and feelings which flow from those beliefs and reactions.

These ‘automatic thoughts’ are so fast that generally, we are unaware that we have even had them. We call them ANTS (automatic negative thoughts) for short.

If the pattern of thinking we use, or our beliefs about our situation are even slightly distorted, the resulting emotions and actions that flow from them can be extremely negative and unhelpful.

The object of CBT is to identify these ‘automatic thoughts’ then to re-adjust our thoughts and beliefs so that they are entirely realistic and correspond to the realities of our lives, and that therefore, the resulting emotions, feelings and actions we have will be more useful and helpful.

Cognitive therapists do not usually interpret or seek for unconscious motivations but bring cognitions and beliefs into the current focus of attention and through guided discovery encourage clients to gently re-evaluate their thinking.

Therapy is not seen as something “done to” the client. CBT is not about trying to prove a client wrong and the therapist right, or getting into unhelpful debates. Through collaboration, questioning and re-evaluating their views, clients come to see for themselves that there are alternatives and that they can change.

Clients try things out in between therapy sessions, putting what has been learned into practice, learning how therapy translates into real life improvement.

Please visit this website for much more detailed information on CBT:

If you cannot afford to see a therapist, there are good free CBT based self-help resources here:

Make the first step NOW – get an appointment with your Doc, and you can start to get better.

You’ll also find some very good help here:

I must admit, I like your living in the woods idea. It might be good for you, but before you rush into that, bear in mind that you are going to need a basic income to help you get by until you know how your produce sales are going to work out.

Therefore, I would suggest that you don’t burn your bridges just yet. Keep yourself employed in your profession until you are 100% sure that your alternative lifestyle can support you. That way, you get the both of both worlds.

Meantime, with two recent suicide attempts behind you, you do need to get professional help.

Life might be tough, but it’s a darn site better than the alternative! Remember, it’s not just about you, but about anyone who cares about you, and the wonderful things you can contribute to the world as you grow and mature.

Norman M. and other Relationship Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Dr. Norman,


I have been seeing a psychologist regularly some two or three years ago. The pills somehow did not work, and now I am with another psychologist at a well known hospital in Bangkok. only met him once and ll be seeing him again on Friday. I can tell that he's good, and my mum and I like the way he talks.



It hasn't been eight weeks yet so I don't know how it will work out.



This weekend will practice meditation at another temple near my house.


About the house in the woods: don't think money should be an issue. if stay there forever, won't have to pay for almost everything because will eat what I grow, and read books all day. I have around 90,000 baht in my savins. know someone who has two houses in the woods and he plants mushroons. he said can live in his other house if want to.

Sounds good! Is there anything more I can do for you just now?If not, I'd be grateful if you would rate my answer.