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This girl and I broke up about six months ago after dating

Customer Question

This girl and I broke up about six months ago after dating for a couple of months. She said it was because she felt like she drifted from me due to still having feelings for her ex. I went through the typical hard time after a break up. I was telling myself that I would get her back and everything else under the moon. I eventually got over that phase and we're still friends. The thing is, deep down I still want her back. I can't explain why I still want her back. I have this unshakable feeling in my gut to get back together with her. I thought I was over her. I'm seeking other women presently, but every time I talk to her the feelings come back. Why am I not over her yet? Why am I hellbent on winning her back? Is there any chance that I can get her back? If so, what's a good way to try? I apologize for the bombardment of questions.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Doctor Kevin replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for choosing this website. You are writing about a girl with you broke up six months ago. She claimed she had "drifted" from you and still did not resolve some feeling she had for her ex. You tried desperately to get back together with her and still feel that you would like to be her boyfriend.
In order to do this successfully you're going to need to know where she is in her feelings about her ex and whether or not she is interested in you. This can be achieved by inviting her out for lunch and talking to her about her future plans. If it sounds like she is interested in getting back together with you then you have a good place to start. If she is still confused about her feelings about her ex then it will be more difficult. Some people do not try to get closure on a relationship but hope that time will do it for them.
There is no way that you can speed up this process. You need to find out where she is emotionally before you can proceed. let me know your reaction to my answer.