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my wife of 27 yrs of marriage has not ever said she was sorry

Resolved Question:

my wife of 27 yrs of marriage has not ever said she was sorry over anything once or twice she admitted she was wrong. She doesnt show any compassion and little affection. I screwed up up when we first got married but it seems she cant get over it. I cheated she cheated but because a lack of basic needs i talk only talk to women online once but she wont even acknowlege our love. Now she got her first job as a flight attentdant and we are struggling financialy and its worse, I provided an above way above lifestyle. Now my business is struggling and she has made one house pymt out of 450 and she thinks ive lost it. I dont want another woman I want her to be my wife for life. What do I do
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Doctor Kevin replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for choosing this website. After a rocky start your relationship seems to have gotten better. Your wife has gotten job as a flight attendant which unfortunately does not pay very much money and you are self-employed and struggling with your business. Your problem is that your wife will not be affectionate to you. Have you talked about your mutual infidelity at all? You will need to deal with the pain, anger and mistrust that that inflicted on your relationship. Right now it sounds like the two of you are just living together for financial reasons. With her being out on flights she will have many opportunities to meet other men. It is extremely important to talk with her about your future so that you can regain some of the trust that you have lost. It is also important to find out what her future plans are and if they include you. If she will not talk to you and I strongly recommend couples counseling. You are at a point in your relationship were either you work together to solve problems or you go your separate ways. Since you are the person wants this to be resolved you will have to do most of the initiating.
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Expert:  Doctor Kevin replied 5 years ago.
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