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I have been married to my 2nd husband for around 13years now

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I have been married to my 2nd husband for around 13years now (the previous marriage lasted 20years). I am feeling the same now as I did when my first husband and I grew apart. I am desperately unhappy in my marriage, and want to end it. My husband is not a bad person, but we have little in common anymore, and where I like to get out and be active, he enjoys going to the club and sitting in front of the tv every chance he gets. I feel there is more to life for me than being responsible for looking after him and a house fulltime, as he doesn't make any meals or do any housework. Please advise, as I'm already suffering depression (which my doctor has increased my medication for), and am not looking forward to telling him how I really feel.
Thank you for choosing this website. Before you throw in the towel I would suggest letting him know that unless things change in the next few months you are thinking of divorce. Give him a written list of things you would like to do together and let him know that at least one evening a week you would like to devote to these things. See what his reaction may be achieved may find the more you can present your needs in the relationship and stand up for yourself the less you may feel depressed. If he refuses then tell him that you want to go to a marriage counselor with him. If he refuses that you should consider seeing a therapist to support you through these changes.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

What if I don't really want to go to that trouble, as I don't love him anymore I don't think?


If you don't love him anymore then the decision is easier. It is time to leave and find a new relationship with someone who respects you.