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I am emotionally and physically burned out. After my fifth

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I am emotionally and physically burned out. After my fifth more than weeklong stay at my local hospital this year, part of me wants to give up. I thought about what it would be like to be dying of some disease, how I would take the news, the impact on my life, as it were, how I would spend the remaining days, months or years and whether it would be for the overall good - for myself, my family and the emotional and physical strain my physical disability has had on my life.

I look towards the future and see nothing but hardship. It was suggested after my last month long hospital stay to take it easy and give myself time to physically as well as emotionally recover from that traumatic experience.

I get to a point but just couldn't allow myself to spend too much time being unproductive. I've given up full-time employment outside my home. My disability as well as my tenuous health would make it impossible. That is fine and I have come to accept it.

Yet, I keep on driving myself to accomplish what to accomplish what part of me knows is completely unrealistic. I want to get out more and socialize but my financial resources prevent that. I am tired of being sick and home in bed recovering or suffering from some malady related to my disability. But, despite my best efforts, I seem to have the worst luck. Sometimes I feel I'm the only one in the world.

I know I am more fortunate than others but sometimes just can't seem to appreciate what I have, what little there is of it. I want to progress like the rest of the world but seemed to be stuck in some stagnant time warp where nothing changes in time does not move forward... well, kind of.

I'm fortunate to have my family but just want more out of life. But, life sure does seem to be a selfish bitch!

Any response would be appreciated, thank you.
I wanted to answer because you seem to have some hopelessness and everyone including you can be happy. Everyone has value. You may have a disability but you have other aspects of yourself that will always be valuable. You can get more out of life if you don't let it beat you down. You have to have hope and you will find happiness despite your disability. Disability and bad luck can beat you down but you have to not let it do so. When you give up then you will experience a snowball effect. You have to have faith and do what you can when you can. Find supports wherever you can. Take some things in stride. Don't let the disability beat you. Do what you can enjoy in your position. I want to let you know that you are valuable and stay positive
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for responding Thank you for


It is not so much my disability that has brought me to the edge. Rather, it is my inability to progress, to move forward with anything substantial, meaningful in my life. I feel I am now where I was 15+ years ago in terms of having a meaningful and productive life.

People say I am much too hard on myself and don't appreciate what I have. I'm not sure if they're right or not. I'm not sure one my attitude changed but a future dependent on caretakers and devoid of regular and meaningful social contacts is frightening.

I understand what to say and appreciate the well wishes. Maybe I'm suffering the effects of my hospitalization and just need to see some sunshine.

I'm just not sure I'm strong enough to pull this out. I've done it for many years and just don't know.

Maybe I just need a good night sleep, as well as a good friend.

Could you give me some advice or checklist on how to be grateful for what I have?

It is best that you identify maybe through journaling the positives in your life. You can include both tangible assets and those not as visibly seen. You can use this to peruse later so that you have this material when you feel most unsure about your assets. Make a list of what you can see and what is more abstract. For instance you may list your possessions and another list for your more abstract possessions or achievements. Then you can visibly see what you have done. For instance instead of a house or a car you may list appreciation of friends. Be liberal in how you see your life and you will feel that you have made more progress.

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