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I dont know if you have access to the previous email trail.

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I don't know if you have access to the previous email trail. If so, my situation is as follows:

This girl and I had a major bust up via text message. I put pressure on her to explain why she changed since coming back from Ibiza.

She explained that she needs space, she is not in a good place (I suspect something to do with ex boyfriend still living at her place), that she does want to be "romantically involved with me" before I am divorced, that she does not want a relationship with anyone right now". In her texts, she said "I like u" three times, but not now, only wants to be fiends now etc.

We texted last night. My text was the last and she has not answered.I would like your advice as to how to win back this woman, in time.

We went for dinner 5 times, sitting next to each other, occasionally held hands, went for 3hr walks in the park, lunches, she bought me a present, we texted every day. So I must have seduced this woman.

Now, after the reaction I had (she also had flu for 2 days and was sick yesterday), the pressure text messages I sent, we have not texted each other since last night......nothing today........

How do I win her back?
How do
Thank you for choosing this website. You sound like although she is saying she needs space and she has a man living with her she is going to dinner and lunch with you, holding hands and even buying you a present. Even you say that you must have seduced her. I think that the idea of winning her back may not be as important as doing what she asks which is waiting for her to get ready for a relationship with you. You need to acknowledge what she wants and wait.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you. Regarding texting, would you advise me to not text? Do nothing? Even if she doesn't text me in 3/4 days?
I would advise you to make any contact with her light and superfluous. She will let you know when she has her life in order
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks. Isn't it key, at this stage, as to who texts first now? Should I wait and see if she texts me over next few days? If she doesn't make contact for 3/4 days, should I interpret that as: "please go away " or not necessarily ?
If she wants you to stop communicating she will say that. To date she has not
Alexis I hope my answer helped. In the future if you want me to answer a question put for "Doctor Kevin" on it and I will get it

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