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SLREED, Counselor
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  MS Marriage/Family therapy. Four years as a counselor.
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My boyfriend got a tattoo and he did not tell me..should i

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My boyfriend got a tattoo and he did not tell me..should i get mad?
I do not really think that this would be a reason to get mad. Unless there are religious or personal factors that came into play in which he should not have gotten one. If it was a personal decision to just get a tattoo, and maybe its just like he told you, and he wanted to get it own his own. My advice would be to pick your battles when you are in a relationship. If this is something that is really not a big deal then do not make it a big deal. He really probably did not mean to hurt you by getting the tattoo, and didn’t think you would get mad or probably didn’t think that it would make you mad that he did not tell you first either.

I think in relationships, you really have to be careful over the things that you get mad over. In a guys mind, if you are willing to get mad over a tattoo or something that they feel is small, then they feel that you are really going to explode over something serious…or they may even view you as being argumentative. And men tend to not like that, arguing over small things. If it is something that bothers you that much and you really want to get your feelings out. You can just express how to feel in a calm way. You can say

“You know I really got a little upset at the fact that you got a tattoo without telling me, I felt like you were keeping something from me, and I really don’t like secret between us”

After you express yourself, I would just let it go. I let him know how you felt, but I would not want your relationship to be ruined because of a tattoo. If it is not for religious or cultural beliefs.
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