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psychlady, Counselor
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What is it about arrogant people. The promiscuous husband who

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What is it about arrogant people. The promiscuous husband who condemns other men and women who have an affair, and is shocked and hurt when hisown misdemeanours were briught to his attention. The charismatiic man who wrecks otherr peoples lives and businesses if given the opportunity, and is shocked and angry when confronted , and thinks the other party is deranged and ungrateful. How come this type of person whose "intelligence or intellect\" shows at quite a hgh level can be so unaware of their own behaviour and the harm it can cause . Is this the true nature of arrogance ?

It probably is the true nature of arrogance. Someone can be very intelligent and not have the conscience it takes to be a kind person. Those two qualities do not have to be connected. Look at the murderer who is above average in intelligence. The husband who has an affair may not make the connection between the damage done by affairs in other's lives and the damage in his life. It is easier to be a smart person than to be a genuine person. Arrogance can truly impact someone's capacity to be a good person. It is much harder to see the reality of your efforts because the views of your own behavior is influenced by many factors while it is easy to see the damage done by others. I think we can certainly have blinders on when we evaluate our own mistakes

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