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KansasTherapist, LSCSW
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  17 years experience with depression, abuse, and borderline.
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i ve been seeing this man for a shot period i really like him

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i ve been seeing this man for a shot period i really like him : our last interaction was by text and he was on his way to airport to spend the night for early flight the next am and texted me to tell me ans asked if i fancied popping down ... i was somewhat baffled not sure if he was serious or kidding ...i. just said i was busy ...we kept chatting for a little bit and then i decided to play a little game( with no intention other than playfully catch him at his own game..) and pretended i was indeed coming to the aiport ... he replied it was a bit rushed ... i kept playing for a bit pretending i was on the train to airport ...and knowing he ll soon find out .. when i told him the truth and why ..i send and a bit smiley did he ...but i felt i was the only one making converstion i did say i enjoyed the banter and he dissapeared after this inll know he did not as much and then said. on ly messing with a smile.... + wished a good night great trip to which he replied thanks....i ve been a bit anxious since wondering whether i had gone a tad too far or put him off... he s away with a on an offsite meeting until tomorrow sunday then flies to where his kids live... ( this happened on wednesday) i was going to give sometimes and then contact him monday or tuesday if i have not heard from him and tell i feel i may have been unpleasant on our last communication and if this is the case i m sorry . we ve never communicating evrday but evry 3. -4 days regurlarly.... am i given too much imortance to sthing? its earling phase and we only get to know each other .... plus i know texting leads to this kind of misunderstanding thanks

KansasTherapist : Hello
KansasTherapist : I think you are worrying about this before you need to.
KansasTherapist : He may come home and everything will be fine.
Customer: Hello
KansasTherapist : One thing to keep in mind is that if his sense of humor clashes with yours, maybe he's not the right guy for you.
Customer: you are right.... he has actually a great sense of humor hes Irish ...and our interaction has been playful always so thats why it made me think it was the right medium...
KansasTherapist : Since he started the joke, and you went along, I wouldn't worry.
Customer: yes i never looked at this this way...i do tend to worry too much in my relationship
Customer: even so i know it is not the best thing to do
KansasTherapist : I think you have to be able to be your real self, and be silly sometimes.
Customer: true ...i m 45 and i can not really be. someone else...
KansasTherapist : From what you say about him, I think he won't take it too seriously.
Customer: i think i worry because it stupidily happened by text any other way i wouls
Customer: know where i stand
KansasTherapist : I agree, sometimes a joke doesn't come across in a text. Wait and see what happens when he gets back.
Customer: thank you
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