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John-Michaels, Counselor (LPC)
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  25+ years helping resolve relational issues.
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I get asked for money alot by charities, politicians, friends,

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I get asked for money alot by charities, politicians, friends, family... And I find it almost impossible to say No. I feel if I don't help them something terrible will happen to them. Which is fine but then some people start taking advantage of me so I stop answering their calls, emails... Then I feel really bad. How can I say no to them when I feel they are just taking advantage of me and not feel about it?
Welcome to JustAnswer! I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. Please note, this is not therapy, but advice. I do hope I can help you though. I can seriously relate. There is no doubt many needs to be met in the world, with millions of orphans and starving children around the world, the need for political change, etc. I believe we exist partially to meet those needs. The reality is though, we cannot meet them all. We must determine what we are capable of doing and where our strongest heart string is and do what we can to meet that need. Budget you resources, leaving a generous portion for compassion, but be reasonable. Decide what charities are most important to you and support those. Understand if all that had the available resources would do the same, the worlds needs would likely be met. As with family and friends, once again, decide what you can afford to give, what needs you are willing to meet, and what standards you have for giving or loaning. Meet only those needs Once you have reached you budget for the year, you can honestly say you have no more to give. I hope that makes sense to you and is helpful. It is the standard I try to set for myself. If I er though, I prefer to er on the side of generosity. I might be broke, but I sleep much more peaceably...
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Hi! I appreciate you allowing me to help you maybe arrive at a solution the other day. I hope I was helpful. Let me know if I can help you in any other way.

John Michaels, MS, LPC
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you I will. have a great day
Thank you! And may you have the same...

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