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Experience:  I have a degree in psychology and worked with many couples. I am happily married and have been for 10 years.
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i have fallen in love with my GP, he seems to have felt the

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i have fallen in love with my GP, he seems to have felt the same way just staring at each other but could not say anything, now he has disappeard, i asked at the reception what happend to doctor x she said he could not cope any more has stepped down

Hi...My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am here to help. However, what is a GP and do you have a specific questions or would like more info?


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
He is a doctor at the central clinic, i went to him to get a sick not as needed time off work due to bullying. I am a Nurse by profession, not working in the same place as the doctor though. We seemed to have an instant liking for one another (never met him before this time, he had only been working there for one year). I had to see him every 2 weeks to get a sick note over a 2 month period. By the last session it became quite clear that both he and i very much liked each other, on the last meeting we just sat and stared into each others eyes for most of the consultation, i very much wanted him to ask me out. I couldnt say anything because it was a clinical situation, and i thought maybe that was why he didnt say anything either although it appeared he desperatly wanted to say something! I saw him again just briefly about 2 weeks later when i went for my counselling appointment, and he came out into the waiting area to call another patient, i nodded my head in saying hello but then i had to look away because it was too painful for me to look into his eyes, he just kept staring at me as if he was really yearning for me! I looked at him again briefly and then looked away again, but he still had that desperatly almost sad looking yearning in his eyes! The letter i sent him was about 6 weeks ago now, have not had a reply. I am 51yrs old and he is 63yrs old we are in Sweden, he comes from finland and lived 35 years in denmark then he said he went to Norway for one year, now sweden. But as i said , he just suddenly disappeared about one month after my last consultation with him, (this was circa 6 wks ago now) and as i said before the receptionist said he has stepped down, unfortunately he was not able to cope! My wish is that he would ask me out on a date. Since now he is no longer working at the clinic. I would really like some advice on all this. I cannot understand how BOTH our feelings had been building up over the 2 month period and then suddenly , he disappears (although when he was staring at me in the reception area with a yearning look in his eyes, he almost looked heart broken!). I am now left yearning for him and with my feeling s all in the air!
There could be many reasons why he left. Unfortunately there is nothing that you can do. It doesn't sound as if the two of you really got to know each other or communicate. The look could have meant anything. You may have been jumping to conclusions or maybe you are right about the look. It could be that he is married and wanted to remove himself from temptation. I understand that it may be frustrating since your feelings are left in the air, but he is the one who left. He has your information, so if he really wanted to get in contact with you or even go back to the place he could. I think it is best you just take it for what it was and be happy it happened now before you got more involved. I believe if it is mean to be then it will be one way or another. Try to move on little by little since there is not much you can do and who knows what could end up happening in the future. I hope it all works out for you in the long run. All the best!
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
with regard to the "look" it was a very deep gaze between us 3 times lasting at least over 2 minutes (like a pre copulatory gaze) where everything in the room just disappeared and the 2 of us left in the room as it were!
Sounds like that was more than just a look. It was pretty intense. Unfortunately he did leave for whatever reason you do not know. I think it is best to enjoy it for what it was and try an move on. He must have your information if he wants to contact you. If you happen to have his information you could contact him and let him know how you feel and that you would like to pursue something further, but if that is not possible then you may need to try and move on. I understand how your feelings must be up in the air, but like I said cherish the moments you did have and hopefully the two of you will be able to meet in the future again.