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Dan B.
Dan B., Counselor
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
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who can tell me about why dyslexic people struggle in normal

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who can tell me about why dyslexic people struggle in normal relationships

danb :

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danb :

OK. great.

danb :

First of all, is there evidence that dyslexic people do generally struggle in relationships?

danb :

I am not aware of any reason specifically that someone who is dyslexic may struggle, but it be related to another disorder that accompanies it.

danb :

Can you give me an example of what you mean by this?

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Some people who have dyslexia may also struggle with verbal expression which may hamper relationships. It is also possible that, for some, they may have had adverse experiences while trying to cope with their disability which may influence their future relationships with others. These are both examples of how dyslexia may effect relationships, but again, I'm just not sure that there is much evidence that dyslexic people in general struggle.

Thank you for your rating. You may post any follow up queries here and I will respond as best I can without need for rating or further payment. Thanks.

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