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Category: Relationship
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About a year ago a girl named casey worked with me and my husband

Customer Question

About a year ago a girl named casey worked with me and my husband bob at our place of business. i had suspicions about he and her. i obtained a phone log from his cell phone and saw that she had called him many times while he was out of the office or he would call her. he said the calls were work related. i dont know what to think. what can you tell me about the phone calls. was he calling her to get her to meet hi somewhere?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  72faith replied 5 years ago.

72faith :


72faith :

could you come on chat

72faith :

are you there

72faith :

please give me date of birth so that i can give you accurate answer

Category: Relationship
Satisfied Customers: 508
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Expert:  Rajhere replied 5 years ago.
hello my friend

Thanks for the question

I will provide you with the best possible answer and accuracy

As i can get my friend getting suspicious on such a situation is quite obvious from a wife point of view . But you need not to worry as i cant get that they are having a affair or he did called her to meet at someone place .

He is being tru on the part that the calls are just work related and had nothing to do personally . So pls dont have any such doubt as these doubts do create problem in the relationship

Although some friendly nature is seen beteen them but nothing beyond that , so what you have been thinking the reality is not the same . Again the calls were work related and nothing as such you think of .

Hope this helps

To have answers from me in future pls mention my name Raj in your questions and replies

My best wishes are with you

Hope you are satisfied

You friend and well wisher