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Alicia_MSW, Psychotherapist
Category: Relationship
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Thanks, its helpful just to have a 2nd opinion..cuz now, the

Resolved Question:

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX just to have a 2nd opinion..cuz now, the friend whom i moved in with, she even dont wana listen in on this.. that's why i feel it's even more not worth it...
do you mind if i could bring up some details and get your opinions on it?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Alicia_MSW replied 5 years ago.
Hi again,

It's no problem. Please feel free to ask anything you'd like and I'll reply as soon as I can :)
Customer: replied 5 years ago.


that's great, & thanks for the prompt replies!


what do you think about reading horoscope daily and sort of rely on it for some kind of 'guidance'..

in fact, during the whole year after i moved, i relied on horoscope readings alot, read it almost everyday.. for sort of a life guide line, can you call it like a meditation or prayer.. and there's wisdom i learned from it, insights to myself..etc,


So the thing is, sometimes, i actually get really affected by the "Love" horoscope..

with this issue on my mind & trying to 'reconnect' with that guy; after not being able to meet up several times now...

Anyways, if sometimes, like the past weekend, if my 'love' horoscope would say something very positive, and if he happens to be in town, which is rare, and I don't end up "connecting' with him, I'd actually beat myself over not calling him up...

and when the 'love' horoscope is negative, then i'd be afraid to call him up or sth like that.... Gosh, it's becoming unhealthy now this situation with him... ><

cuz it's been a year now and i havn't been able to meet him & just talk things thru to help me move forward... and instead i'm kinda stuck...

How do you think i can stop letting the 'love' horoscope affect me, and just do what i want at the time....




Expert:  Alicia_MSW replied 5 years ago.
I think a lot of people rely on horoscopes and other forms of divination (like the tarot or the I Ching) for advice. Whether it's effective or not isn't something I can say, but if it helps you, I don't see anything wrong with it. Sometimes using tools like this can help you get in touch with your intuition and give you guidance, but how you use them is up to you. If it starts to interfere with your well-being and taking positive actions in your life, though, it can be detrimental, because it can prevent you from taking an action that you might have otherwise performed - such as trying to reconnect with the guy you're talking about. Instead of putting so much faith in the horoscope, maybe it's best to try to follow your own intuition about the situation. So, basically what that might mean is simply *not* reading your daily horoscope (even if it's a habit, you can unlearn this habit, too). You already have part of your answer when you say you just want to do what you want to do at the time. That's pretty much all you need to do - listen to what your heart is telling you, and follow your gut instinct. If you pay too much attention to your horoscope, then you might be drowning out your inner voice, your inner guidance system. Make a list of goals that you want to accomplish and start tackling them one at a time. This can help you get in touch what you really want to do. You might have to sit down and give it some thought at first, but it can be really helpful to do this. This way, you can still use the horoscope for fun or for advice at times when you really feel stuck, but you're not relying on it so much, and instead, you learn to rely more on yourself.
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