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Dr.G., Psychologist
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  Licensed Psychologist in the state of Minnesota
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I fell I am a very intelligent woman and have been in enough

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I fell I am a very intelligent woman and have been in enough relationships to know there is something very real and sincere with man. I have never felt such a strong passion or desire for someone like i do with him. Is this unusual when we havent even met in person? If he was any kind of a scam artists why would he keep talking to me. H e feels he has found a reason to live a happier life since he has been talking to me. We text everday,send emails everyday. talked on the phone before he left on business,but is always in contact with me and never changes his tune. Can people really fall in love without actually meeting face to face first? we both cant wait to be together.
Hey, you feelings are real. You are getting good vibes from him. He is showing a true devotion and commitment to you. it sounds real to me. I think love can happen online. Not for me, but for some people, yes. I think you pursue this and see where it goes. Sounds only positive so far.
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