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Category: Relationship
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He told me he cheated on me a year ago. He slept with a girl

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He told me he cheated on me a year ago. He slept with a girl and still came home to me. We have broken up now because his issue is he doesnt know if we are right for each other or he doesnt know what he wants anymore, which is ok. He asked for space so we have been not txting each other but we catch up once a week so we still have communication lines open. I think this is working for him so as much as it kills me not talking to him sharing things its what he wants so I accept he needs to get his head in the right space. He said he would like to fix it but he needs to get his head in the right space so I feel more positive that we can work through this. I also just cannot believe somebody (he) would ever cheat on me. I am just heartbroken it took him a year to tell me and we have still been sleeping together for a whole year and it didnt occur to him to tell me, well it did but he didnt want to hurt me. He did say he would take it back if he could and he only did it coz he was angry and he just didnt care about anything that night. How can i get past this cheating if we manage to work it out? I'm not a jealous person but I already feel that I will always be paranoid he is going to do it again. Is space the best thing for him? How should I keep my distance?

DrPsychologist :

Girl, wake up and smell the are allowing him to treat you like this and are asking for more. This guy doesn't deserve you and if you think he does then you need therapy for low self esteem. Get yourelf to a good therapist (you can find one through your insurance).


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