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I am about the graduate from college. I want to know if its

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I am about the graduate from college. I want to know if it's okay to send a graduation invite to my ex's family to share my accomplishment with them. He and I dated for almost nine years. We have been apart for a year and a half. I don't expect the famiy to come it's just an FYI thing. Do you think that's okay?

AskJason : Hi this is Jason. I'm glad to answer your question. (My answers are intended as information and opinion only. I am not a Dr. or a licensed psychologist and can not offer counseling or medical advice.)
AskJason : I think it's fine or you to send your ex's family. It sounds like you had a good relationship with them and that those feelings did not end with your breakup. Whether they decide to come is up to them just like you stated.
AskJason : Many only question to you would be to ask of you thought your ex-boyfriend would be angry over you inviting his family. If so, it may not be worth "opening that can of worms" as the headache you may experience over his irritation may not be worth the nice gesture you are trying to convey. I can't answer that question for you though as only you know how he will react.
AskJason : I'm sorry for the typos!
AskJason : If any part of my replies were not clear please let me know.
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