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I met my wife when she was 16 almost 17 we just dating then

Customer Question

I met my wife when she was 16 almost 17 we just dating then but i moved in with her parents and family which was typical american family. They did everything together church dinner movies camping etc. After almost a year living with them her mother was transferred to a different post office she began coming home later locking herself in the sewing room fighting and bickering with her husband for no reason. One nite she came home told her husband there wer rumors going around town she was having an affair and they were not true and she wanted fix things an hour later we found her unconsious in the tub she had taken tylenol pm and had to get her stomach pumped. When we got to hospital she told her side of the family her husband beat and raped her and she rather die then be with him none of which was true. My wife found her moms cell phone and there was a voicmail from her boss asking if she was ok my wife then called him back and said i know what going on leave my mom alone. after her mom got out of hospital she moved out it was me my wife her dad and younger brother at house her older brothers already moved out. Her father having suicide thoughts and wking my wife up in the middle of the night asking her to call mom this went on for a month until my wife couldnt take it anymore she only 18 at the time. We moved in with her grandparents for a month then her mom started buying her things and telling her lies about her father my wife knew this was untrue but i think used her moms guilt to her own ends. We moved to town with her mom and my wife said she did not want her moms new boyfriend at our house he slowly started coming over and eventually started staying there. He always had to sneak around though because he was still her boss and they could not be seen together or he would lose his job. My wife always complained to me and my family about the two of them but at the same time started to not talk to her dad or his side of the family. We married when she turned 19 and got our own place this the first time she never lived with one of her parents. Things were good until 4 months after our wedding i found her sending pictures of herself to another guy i wanted to leave but she said if i did she would fall apart and she was young and i loved her so i wanted to work things out. I got a new job things were looking up until one day she said to me you dont need me anymore you have a good job and she thought i did not need her anymore i assured her i do and that was that. In october she was babysitting with her friend and told me she was waiting for a parent to come get her child and she would be home late i went to bed woke up no wife she called my mom saying the parent never came and had to stay the nite my mom called me and said something not right. She came home and i got the same story. A week went by she not come home again i found her facebook page open with a conversation with another man saying she wanted to marry him etc i called her phone said i wanted a divorce she came home and was mad i was in her facebook page then as i was packing she got violent hitting me saying i was running away and the conversation meant nothing. For whatever reason i stayed because i loved her i found out a couple weeks later the guy moved to idahoe and that why she said the conversation meant nothing i am assuming. Things ok until after xmas she seemed bored around my family which she used to love and came home late one nite and we fought again this time she said she tired of me accusing her of cheating and she going stay with her mother. I stayed at our house for a month i would get text messages saying i miss you i love leading me to believe she wanted to change i moved into a apartment in town feb 1 she was tevting me and even slept with me right before valentines day. A week went by and she called for my taxes and then i got a phone call from my cousin saying she was at a school concert with a old friend of mine from my past who lived with his parents and his 4 kids across the field from our old house. When i confronted her she told me to grow up and move on. We did not speak for a month i then called her up and wanted to have dinner so we could end this she agreed. When she got there i asked her if she loved him and she responded by saying no i never stopped loving you and that she just doesnt like being alone as soon as she said that she said oh that came out wrong and she continued to lie to me saying he was just a friend to talk to which 2 years earlier the first time i had seen him in 3 years he came to talk to me when we lived with her mom she knew our history and did not want me around him she even called my mom after he left to tell her i talked with him and she pissed. So i then said we have lived at our house together for 2 years and not once did he come over and she had no response. The next day she wanted to have dinner but called me crying saying i love u and our poodle was dead i found out it was from poisoin
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  AskJason replied 5 years ago.
Hi, I'd be glad to answer your question. (My answers are intended as information and my opinion only and this is not therapy or counseling:)

Hello, I recently posted an answer to your previous question regarding this. Would you like to continue our conversation here?
Expert:  AskJason replied 5 years ago.
Sorry, meant to post my last reply as a Request for Info. I haven't heard back from you on this question or on the identical other question which I also answered, so I will stand by.