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i met my wife when she was 16 almost 17 after moving in with

Customer Question

i met my wife when she was 16 almost 17 after moving in with her parents and family which for the first 7 months was a family that did everything together church dinners camping etc. my wifes mother transferred to different post office and began an affair with her boss. Her mother accused her father of raping and beating her and she took a bunch of tylenol pm which put her in the hospital as she told her side of the family she would rather die than stay with her husband. This really messed up my future wife and the rest of the family. The whole time my wifes mother having this affair with her boss after 2 months of me and my wife staying with her father we moved into town with her mother because my wife couldnt handle the emotional state her father was in. My wife knew what her mother accused her dad of was not true and knew about her mothers affair and until the day we divorced always complained about her mom and new boyfriend to me and my family. But when we first moved in her mother kept talking in her ear and said you want me to be happy dont you and my wife used her moms own guilt to get things she wanted. I married my wife when she was 19 i was 33 things great at first then when she could not get pregnant things began go downhill 4 months after our marriage i found she sending pictures of herself to another man we worked thru that. Then around november2011 she did not come home for a night and called my mom with a story saying she had to stay at the babysitters because a parent never came to get their child. My mom called me and i confronted my wife and she gave me same story she then started distancing herself from my family. A week later again didnt come home i then found a facebook conversation with another man saying she wanted to marry him etc. When she came home i confronted her and she got mad because i in her facebook page and said the conversation meant nothing. I began to pack my things and she got violent started pushing me hitting me saying she loved me and i couldnt leave her. For whatever reason i stayed because i loved her and wanted things to work i guess. Well after xmas we got into it again because i was not trusting her she moved in with her mom and i stayed at our house for a month when i moved out she was texting me saying i love you and even slept with me right before valentines day. A week later i found out after i moved out she moved a old friend of mine and his 4 kids 2 of which are close to her age into our house and this was a guy she hated she called my mom one day he came to talk to me because when me and my wife first met i told her my past wiyh this guy and she hated him. She continued to lie to me saying he was just someone to talk to and nothing going on shortly after that one of our poodles died and she wanted me to come bury her i did and before i left she asked if i would take her to dinner the next nite so we could talk and she wanted to spend the nite. I then found out thru the vets office our dog died of rat poisoin which she knew but told me nothing about it i confronted her to no response except that if i didnt file for divorce she was. I am lost i did divorce her but what happened any thoughts
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  AskJason replied 5 years ago.

AskJason : Hi, I'd be glad to answer your question. (My answers are intended as information and my opinion only and this is not therapy or counseling:)
AskJason : Please give me a moment to read your question.
AskJason :

When you say "what happened?" are you referring to the circumstances surrounding the death of your dog?

AskJason :

It seems you have gone offline. I will switch our Chat Session to the standard Question & Answer Session. You will stilll be able to reply back and forth directly with me until I have answered your question. I look forward to hearing from you.

Expert:  AskJason replied 5 years ago.
I noticed you posted your question again under a separate heading. Would you like to converse with me here about your questions? You want to know why your wife put a restraining order against you and what happened to your relationship, your dog, etc. I'll be glad to converse with you.
Expert:  AskJason replied 5 years ago.
Based on the info you gave me in the chat session we just completed, I think your ex-wife could definitely have been influenced by watching her mother and by all the stress she was under through that experience. It's hard to say why she cheated on you and why she lied to you. What's more important is that you found out and you took action that you felt was appropriate and got a divorce. My opinion is that you now need to try to put all the pieces together and move on and hopefully enter a new relationship all the more wiser and stronger. Thank you.