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TherapistJen, LCSW, CPC
Category: Relationship
Satisfied Customers: 3392
Experience:  Licensed Clinical Social Worker
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Hi. I like this guy that I see at the gym. I sure the feeling

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Hi. I like this guy that I see at the gym. I sure the feeling is mutual. The problem is he works at the gym and I don't know how to let him know I'm interested in him because I don't want to put him on the spot at his place of work. that's why feel he hasn't asked me out yet either. He wouldn't want to jeopardize his job. Its just an awkard situation. Any advice

CoachJenK :

Hi. Welcome. I am a Licensed Master Social Worker with more than 20 years experience working with individuals and families on a variety of issues.

CoachJenK :

You are right he might be waiting on a sign from you if it could jeopardize things for him. May sound a bit silly but would you be comfortable handing him a cute little note on the way out of the gym one day?

CoachJenK :

do you like that idea?

Customer: The thought has crossed my mind. My concern is that if he isn't interested in me than I would be too embarrased to show my face at the gym again.
CoachJenK :

yes ad there is that risk but you can be cute and playful about it too so you dont feel awkward.

Customer: The thought actually crossed my mind, but if I'm rejected, I may not be able to show my face at the gym again
CoachJenK :

you can write i the we seem to have an interest in each other? and say I hope so...and leave number and then write on the bottom...if I have misread that then no worries but just make sure you keep saying hi to me when I come in so I dont feel too embarrassed.

CoachJenK :

what about that?

CoachJenK :

are you with me?

CoachJenK :

It seems as if there may be some technical difficulties in the chat. I am here if you need more support and we can continue. If you are satisfied please click accept. you can request me in the future by writing for CoachJenK only at the beginning of your question.

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