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Dr. L
Dr. L, Psychologist
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Experience:  Licensed as a Psychologist and Marriage & Family Therapist.
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Good morning, feel overwhelmed with my current problems

Resolved Question:

For Dr. Levang;Good morning, dr. I feel overwhelmed with my current problems and it seems like there is no end in sight. Yesterday I was given a $100 rent increase, I am barely making ends meet as it is. I know that I need to get a better paying job, but I am not able to handle a more stressful and demanding job because of my neck conditions. My neck condition is a serious chronic disease that is progressing, and I can't even afford to get a health insurance because of my financial situation. It seems like I am running in circles. I cancelled my therapy sessions at JFS because I think that it would only be the waste of money. The therapist is way too inexperienced and there is way too little time to address all of my issues. BTW, Mr. CG called again couple of days ago. It was after 9 pm, he said that he was in the neighbourhood and if it's a good time to stop by and look at my pictures of Israel. I said no and that if he comes over I'll call the cops. He asked me why I've been like that, we are FRIENDS!?? What on Earth is going on with him?. Then he asked me something that made me doubt his mental status. He asked me if I had talked to his current lanlord?!! She is probably ready to kick his ass out, too. He said that she had told him that she had spoken with his ex-girlfriend. After that conversation I realized that I've been dealing with an emotinally unstable person and that I need to thank G-d that he and I are no longer together. Anyway, I am kind of at a loss what my next step should be re my health, my $ and how to get out of this situation. Moving to another place is not an option for me now
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Howard Wise replied 5 years ago.
Is your question directed to a specific expert? If so, you must put that expert's name at the beginning of your question .
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes. Dr. Levang
Expert:  Howard Wise replied 5 years ago.
You will need to submit your question again as a new question and write" for Dr. Levang" at the beginning. You must always do that if your intention is to ask him a question.

It's not necessary for you to respond to this information request.

Have a good day!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hello this Question is for Dr. Levang. Please opt-out
Expert:  Howard Wise replied 5 years ago.
You need to follow my directions by posting your question again and writing "for Dr. Levang" at the beginning of the question. Please pay attention!
Expert:  Angela--Mod replied 5 years ago.
Hi, I am a Moderator for this topic. I have sent your requested Professional a message to follow up with you here, when they are back online. If I can help further, please let me know. Thank you for your continued patience.
Expert:  Dr. L replied 5 years ago.


I am sorry you have had trouble getting a hold of me. My apologies.


Give me a minute or two to read through your posting and then I will get right back to you.


Again...I am sorry.


Expert:  Dr. L replied 5 years ago.


I read through your posting. I am so sorry! Life does seem to have taken a nasty turn here. I understand the physical pain and the extra load that stress adds to that. The therapy is a tough one...yes the therapist seemed too inexperienced and the expense would not be worth it if they could not offer you someone with more skill. Is there any subsidy or sliding scale? I think therapy would really help you...but it has to be with someone with proven experience.


Mr. CG - what on earth! I am very proud of you for saying No and not letting him "drop by". Yes...the possibility is that he has an impairment that just was not evident in the past. Please stick to your guns on this...he is a challenge to your self-worth in so many ways.


I know you have been displeased with your employment...but it has its benefits as well in terms of the stress factor. Is there any possibility of a raise? Or additional hours or compensation?


I will wait to hear from you.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

As far as Mr, CG, he is no challenge to me at all at this point. He is just a nuisance. I look at him as someone who has totally lost his ways in life. I just want him to leave me alone. I feel nothing towards him, he is a stranger to me.


My job doesn't offer any raises, unfortunately. There is more than enough stress there, and the definite downside is the total isolation all day long.


They did offer me a sliding scale at the therapy, but I don't see the point of it, if a therapist is inexperienced.


I will be refinancing my car loan in July, hopefully at lower rate, if not, I will have to work additional hours at my job. But, it's still peanuts. Don't know...



Expert:  Dr. L replied 5 years ago.


I understand the therapist position...if they could offer you a high quality person that would be one thing...but if they don't then that ends that. Are there other therapy options in the community?


If the job is stressful...would it be worth it to try to find another job with the same level of stress but a better pay scale? Working more hours sounds like a solution...but perhaps taking some time to find a more enjoyable job that meets your needs is in order.




Customer: replied 5 years ago.

It's definitely is in order, and I know it better than anyone, but the point is that I am very limited at this point in what work I can handle because of my constant neck pain and ability to handle stress. That's what I've trying to explan to you, that I don't see any solution to this problem.


I most definitely don't enjoy sitting here day in and day out listening to people complaining on the phone all day long, interpreting it in two languages and getting paid min. wage for it. I am not even talking about the situation on the job market in general in California.

Expert:  Dr. L replied 5 years ago.


Yes..right now your job and living situation stink. No argument there.


I wish I could do something to change this for you...but I can't.


I noticed that you speak two languages...any change you can get work as an interpretor at a hospital, clinic, school??? Just a thought.


At the moment, your best bet might be to network to see what other possibilities are out there. Does the JFS offer job counseling or have job postings from employers? You have to do some beating of the bushes to find out what other resources are out there and available to you.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Not a very encouraging answer. You didn't tell me anything that I don't know myself. I am so glad I was able to make a trip to Israel. At least I did something good for myself.
Expert:  Dr. L replied 5 years ago.

I am sorry that you found my answer flat or uninspiring.


The reality is that I can't change your situation. I can support you in acknowledging that this is very tough. And doing what I can to offer alternatives....


Yes...going to Israel was - and remains - a very good thing to have done! It opened your eyes in so many ways and gave you a tremendous sense of accomplishment.


I know it is difficult to keep that new enthusiasm for life going when you are unhappy in your job, when your rent gets increased, and then JFS did not turn out to have a competent therapist for you.


Your life right now is challenging. What do you want to do about that? I've suggested several things and your response is that you already knew those options. Okay. Great. Then I am validating what you already knew! Instead of putting those options about looking at whether they are viable and using them to spark other thoughts on your part.


It is easy to feel that the world is against you, but that's not true at all. Life is a series of ups and downs...challenges and rewards. You made that wonderful decision to go to Israel. And when you felt that you just could not make the trip because of your health, anxiety, dug deep and when ahead. During the trip there were some really tough days physically and maybe even emotionally...but you did not give up. The trip home was horrible...but you got home in one piece and you can look back at all that and see what a valiant and confident person you can be. How about that!


You are that person! I encourage you to look at some of those pictures - and look hard at that women you see staring back at you - recognize that person as you.




Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Good morning, doctor Levang.

Yes, I am still amazed how I was able to accomplish everything on my own on that trip. I think a part of it was that I was surrounded by people who I was relating to and who were relating to me and were kind of protective of me.

Here, at home, I am all by myself. I keep hitting a brick wall and can't find any answers. I think I am getting seriously depressed; sadness, no interest in anything, bad sleep and all these thoughts that there is no way out.

I completely understand the ups and downs of life, but, for me, it's been mostly down lately

Expert:  Dr. L replied 5 years ago.


Yes...this is a tough time. If you continue to feel down, I encourage you to rethink therapy. Also, you may want to consider seeing a physician to be evaluated for depression and consideration of an anti-depressant.


The list you made of what made the trip so wonderful and safe are things to reflect on and see if you can re-create at home.







Customer: replied 5 years ago.

All this sounds great, except for the fact that I can't afford to consult a physician. If I could then there would be no problems with getting an experienced therapist or a neurologist that could treat my neck.


Unfortunately, everything comes down to money. And, yes, I know that I need to get a better paying job.

Expert:  Dr. L replied 5 years ago. is about money isn't it. I'm sorry.


I promise to keep thinking about other alternatives. I don't know the health care system in California...but let me do some checking. There has got to be some options!!!



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
As you know, for some reason I was having problems accessing this post before and I had to pay another deposit and start a new question. I am glad that it had been fixed.
Expert:  Dr. L replied 5 years ago.


I reported this problem on my end. I am glad it is solved.

Dr. L, Psychologist
Category: Relationship
Satisfied Customers: 1168
Experience: Licensed as a Psychologist and Marriage & Family Therapist.
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