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Santo B
Santo B, Social Worker
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  Clinical Social Work
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Hi its me again Linda Wilby. I wrote to you the other week

Resolved Question:

Hi its me again Linda Wilby. I wrote to you the other week asking for advice on my dear feller Roy and I have decided to call it a day as I am getting so upset that he hasnt texed me for over three weeks and I dont know if he is alive or dead. I feel he is probably releived that I have done, I dont know? I explained that I truly love him and he made it crystal clear that he didnt wont my love, and I wish he had made that clear from the start, it can only be if only now! I am so sad as I truly love this man but its cracking me up not knowing where I stand.
This is sad for me as I will never know now will I. Time will heal but I still hope

Kind regards
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Santo B replied 5 years ago.
My name is XXXXX XXXXX I hold a Clinical Master's Degree in Social Work with a focus on Adult Mental Health. I currently provide general Life Coaching.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Im also a Mental Health Nurse and I just need to know why he went into this expensive dating agent if he wasnt looking for love? May be it is because I am 14 years his junior or he is just dame scared as he has met someone who knows love and loves him. Yes he has been through hell with the ex over the past six years they divorced in June last year after a settlement in court, he had to pay her over £100k and she wanted more she also went with is so called best mate and living with him. I know he has been so hurt and betrayed but so have I all my relationships have been a let down and I didnt marry again until I was 43yrs its not all their fault I wished to pursue a career in nusing which took me awy from my husband and he felt neglected, hence the two year affair I was obsorbed in my assignments etc. Life can only get better I am a strong person and may be I come across to strong but I had to be with my past or I would have gone mental myself Roy knows that as I told him thats why I have had to be strong and independant to survive.
Expert:  Santo B replied 5 years ago.
It sounds like you are in love with a man who is uncertain as to what he wants right now. It sounds like he has had a bad experience in the past, which may be carrying over into any new relationship that he tries to form. If you feel that you have done everything there is on your part to try and mend the relationship with him, then you must allow him to make a decision that is best suited for him. You sound like a very strong person, and I realize this is quite tormenting but it may be best for you to give him some time to decide what and who he wants.

Unfortunately, the love must be mutual and reciprocal between the both of you. If he does not care to continue the relationship, or at the very least work to come to some middle ground, it may be time for you to reconcile the fact that your relationship is over and that you deserve to find someone that will appreciate and love you the way you deserved to be loved and treated.
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Expert:  Santo B replied 5 years ago.
Hello! I wanted to follow up with you and check how everything is going.