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Dear Debra
Dear Debra, Advice Columnist
Category: Relationship
Satisfied Customers: 1852
Experience:  I have been an Advice columnist for 14 years. My column is published weekly in local newpapers.
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:55pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: But you getting better 1:55pm, Mar 31

Customer Question

Hi Debra what do you take from this convo? To me I'm wasting time thinking she will ever want more..
Convo starts from bottom

:55pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: But you getting better
1:55pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: Unstable with our moods sometimes
1:55pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: You are great
1:55pm, Mar 31 - Nick: Of course
1:55pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: I am happy!
1:55pm, Mar 31 - Nick: Oh friends.r friends
1:55pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: And tell u about them
1:55pm, Mar 31 - Nick: R u
1:55pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: Even if I am with u I am allowed to have friends
1:55pm, Mar 31 - Nick: I know u dont
1:54pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: I
Don't talk to anybody
1:54pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: But I don't don't !!!
1:54pm, Mar 31 - Nick: Your mine
1:54pm, Mar 31 - Nick: I dont ever want u with anyone else
1:54pm, Mar 31 - Nick: Were not together so u are allowed to talk and hangout with men and i dont want that
1:54pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: Nope
1:53pm, Mar 31 - Nick: I want that
1:53pm, Mar 31 - Nick: When u weere with him u were together n happy u didnt even look for anyone else or care
1:53pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: I didn't understand
1:53pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: What?
1:53pm, Mar 31 - Nick: I want that
1:53pm, Mar 31 - Nick: But when u were with.him did u eeven look for anyone no u didnt even csre
1:52pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: Nooo I dont
1:52pm, Mar 31 - Nick: I know what i mean to u
1:52pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: Jajaja that is all you need from me to be the whole thig. That'd come
1:52pm, Mar 31 - Nick: Im just saying were going to do it and u dont just do it with anyone
1:51pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: Sex?
1:51pm, Mar 31 - Nick: I mean ur going to have sex with me and let me li k you not anyone get thats i know how special.i am
1:51pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: It is only you!
1:51pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: You just don't believe it
1:50pm, Mar 31 - Nick: As do i
1:50pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: I always tell you who texts me and who I talk to
1:50pm, Mar 31 - Nick: Your my girlfriend i love you lets keep going
1:50pm, Mar 31 - Nick: This is stuoid lol
1:49pm, Mar 31 - Nick: You dont want anyone so its different
1:49pm, Mar 31 - Nick: I know what and who i want
1:49pm, Mar 31 - Nick: Ill never tslk or look at anyone.because i found my wife
1:49pm, Mar 31 - Nick: And forget me
1:48pm, Mar 31 - Nick: Its just i know your.not looking but without the commitment u csn just be like i dont have anyone
1:48pm, Mar 31 - Nick: I dont need the title
1:48pm, Mar 31 - Nick: We and gf
1:48pm, Mar 31 - Nick: U really r
1:48pm, Mar 31 - Nick: You r my gf
1:47pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: The rest is just title:.. Common things that people say and do
1:47pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: Want*
1:47pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: Even if we are "formally" together relationships break and end... So why is the whole worrying? You wanna tell everybody I am your gf that's fine.... What we have is our... And we go how we wan to go.
1:46pm, Mar 31 - Nick: U wont have do dedicate more time
1:46pm, Mar 31 - Nick: A formal.relationship wont change us
1:46pm, Mar 31 - Nick: That u want me
1:46pm, Mar 31 - Nick: I want you to be sure
1:46pm, Mar 31 - Nick: I want you to want me
1:46pm, Mar 31 - Nick: I dont ptessure u
1:46pm, Mar 31 - Nick: I will fix it..
1:45pm, Mar 31 - Nick: I just worry
1:45pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: And I didn't love you I would never put up with this and the bad stuffs that you do unintentionally
1:45pm, Mar 31 - Nick: I never see us apart.i just dont
1:45pm, Mar 31 - Nick: I love our relationship
1:45pm, Mar 31 - Nick: I love us
1:45pm, Mar 31 - Nick: Im.enjoying everyday
1:45pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: I never said that
1:45pm, Mar 31 - Nick: Im not a bad guy or selfish to want you and eveything
1:44pm, Mar 31 - Nick: It scares me ull.never want that thats all
1:44pm, Mar 31 - Nick: I want u to see it
1:44pm, Mar 31 - Nick: We cant control anything yes u csn leave tomorrow and it will crush me.but i dont see it happening i dont see snyone tsking u i do see us a couple and married one day i see it..
1:43pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: I am
Helping it now.....
1:43pm, Mar 31 - Nick: We can love eachother and want to be with
1:43pm, Mar 31 - Nick: No.we.cant control it.but we can help happen
1:42pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: That is not something that any of us can control
1:42pm, Mar 31 - Nick: Thats how i see us
1:42pm, Mar 31 - Nick: We are together were a close couple
1:42pm, Mar 31 - Nick: Thats all
1:42pm, Mar 31 - Nick: The only way ill be happen
1:42pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: I know u do!!!
1:42pm, Mar 31 - Nick: I key
1:42pm, Mar 31 - Nick: I want u
1:41pm, Mar 31 - Nick: Im.not talking to anyone either
1:41pm, Mar 31 - Nick: Ull see
1:41pm, Mar 31 - Nick: Everything will change
1:41pm, Mar 31 - Nick: I will i promise
1:41pm, Mar 31 - Oopy: Ok thank you!!! I am not talking to anybody nick... Just you. It's been a while now. I don't talk to absolutely nobody. I don't lay in nobodys bed. So
Lets just do what we are doing and
Stop worrying please.
1:36pm, Mar 31 - Nick: All is good!
1:36pm, Mar 31 - Nick: Go shower baby..
1:36pm, Mar 31 - Nick: 
1:36pm, Mar 31 - Nick: Just live each day and love u
1:36pm, Mar 31 - Nick: I wont look to this as hoping fo
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dear Debra replied 5 years ago.
This conversation is excellent and what i can see is there is no one else. She is in love with you and wants to be with you. No one compares too you. You are the one in her life and she will not risk ruining it by talking with other that might jeopardize your relationship together. Everything she said was positive and she wants to be with you. She found what she was looking for in you and she is fully commited too you. You really poored your heart out and she responded in an outstanding way because she was honest as well with you. You both love and care for each other and not it is time to focus on building this relationship and focusing on each other. This was a great conversation. I dont have any doubts that she fully wants to be with you. She is looking to have a long term commited relationship with you and she doesn't want to do anything to mess this up, so she is cautious in what she does so she doesn't hurt you in anyway or lose you for anything she has done. She is fully thinking of you. Now what i want you to do is focus solely on you and her to create a strong bond together. Right now the bond you both have is really strong and growing,but focus on each other.
Dear Debra, Advice Columnist
Category: Relationship
Satisfied Customers: 1852
Experience: I have been an Advice columnist for 14 years. My column is published weekly in local newpapers.
Dear Debra and 2 other Relationship Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
She still wont let anyone find out how close we are could that be because if people know she has me than she won't get all those men talking to her and maybe she loves that attention? Or is she just ashamed to say I'm with her because she's going to be a nurse and I clean floors they all see how close we r but they don't really know and they tell her I'm not good enough for her.. And every night she gets asked out by a new guy and it's intimidating..
Expert:  Dear Debra replied 5 years ago.
I dont think she tells people because she is worried that if people would interfere and she just wants to focus on her relationship with you. She doesn't want to also lose you to other girls. I think she might feel if everyone knows they might try to break you both up. I dont look at this as she doesn't want people to know because she wants to be a nurse and you wash floors, she just doesn't want people trying to get in between a relationship she doesn't want to lose or every let it get messed up. I want you to think of this, it doesn't matter if people know because all that matters is that you both know how you feel about each other. You love and care about each other and that is all that is important. Its not about who asks her out or anyone knowing how she feels, she wants to be with you and she doesn't want the distraction of people asking her about her relationship with you. She wants to just focus on you.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Debra, she told me that we are together just not all the cards are on the table yet... But what's got me is we now go days without talking sometimes she will be on her phone texting people but not me and I always innate the contact if I don't we won't talk.. Also she is switching shifts I won't see her as much how can I deal with this stuff?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
And also she still sleeps over her exs and talks to him alot.. how do i know im not just a rebound guy?
Expert:  Dear Debra replied 5 years ago.
It ok if you are the one that contacts her all the time, she might think you are the one that should contact her. She might feel like she isbothering you or being to needy if she is always texting you, so she wait for you. I want you to check in everyday with her. Ever if you say goodnight before she goes to sleep. People get use to things like that and when you stop they realize they miss you and starting wondering why you didnt say it one night. You neee to be in contact. You both are together which is excellent, you need to focus on her, you and this relationship. She is texting everyone else, she needs to be focused on you, but you cant just sit back and wait for her to come too you.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Saturday was a year for us and she said we been together for a year and only thing that hasnt happened.was sex and some rights thats all.. she said the cards are on the table we just havent flipped them yet.. its been a year and still no sex im.really in no rush but what does that mean does it mean she is still having sex with her ex or she just isnt ready? ...i love that she says were toether and have been for a year.. but still sometimes she wont talk to me like yesterday she texted me at 10 am then said brb and was on her phone till 3 pm but never texted me and it bothers me a little.bit.. is this somethint stupid on my part?
Expert:  Dear Debra replied 5 years ago.
I feel that she just is not ready for that next step, she likes the way her relationship is with you right now, she doesnt want to mess things up or make things complicated. She is basically saying that everything is there in this relationship. She said brb, but she might have got caught up in something she had to do and she knew you would understand. This relationship has grow and she is just taking her time until she is ready.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
What im scared about is i feel that i am so in kove with her and she dont really care.. she says she loves me.but she will never kiss me. Never hug me never say anything sweet or anything like that unless i do it first.. earlier she told me she was busy shell text me in a bit than i see her texting her friend velaria all night.. then she wont text me again.. and im almost30 do people really take this long to see how things are going or is she just keeping me around and telling me what i want to hear I feel like im either the rebound guy or shes just not that into me shes just using me..
Expert:  Dear Debra replied 5 years ago.
You mentioned about her not kissing and hugging you unless you do it first. I feel that she might be someone that is waiting for you to kiss and hug her or she might not be a very affectionate person. Some people can hold hands all the time while others might never hold hands. I dont want you to be discouraged, i dont feel she is using you, she has said she loves you. I want you to be confident in the fact that she cares and loves you. Relationships can some times be taken very slow. She might be still trying to be comfortable in the relationship. I think that because you are always chasing her that she is just use to you kissing her, hugging. She has got comfortable in what the relationship is. She knows she found a great person who is alway there for her. Now you just have to communicate with her ask her questions this is how you get to know her even better.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Why do i feel this way then, everything is going good.but i find small things like her friend gets more attention than me and that bothers me.. shes leaving shifts next week and i wont see her at work anymore that really bothers me. Im scared because we wont be around eachother at work she will start to fade away or maybe to someone else... She said im better then her ex in alot of ways... She doesnt tell me alot like she had her friend over one day and they were drinking together and she dont drink but she never told me till shes like my roomate drank the rest of valerias beers i said beer? She said yea she was over and we were drinking... And her roomate is a close friend this new friend.valeria who she just met a few.months ago got to meet him and such i still havent.. i just feel sometimes shes trying to hide me from people..
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Well, she hasn't texted me since Thursday I texted her yesterday she didn't text back but she was on her phone... I texted her this morning at 10 and she's been up sine 7 but told me I just woke up I'll text you in a bit and that was at 10 it's 5 still haven't talked to her but she's on her phone.. She's ignoring me do i need to just forget her? Maybe this is her way of getting away hoping I'll just stop
Expert:  Dear Debra replied 5 years ago.
She is changing shifts at work and you feel this is going to be a problem because you will not see her at work anymore. You feel she doesn't tell you a lot and it seems like she is a private person and that could be one of the reason why you feel like she hides you from people. this is because she keeps her life private from everyone including you. this could be because she feels use doesn't have to explain herself to anyone, she is independent. I feel this is the person she is and it's not that she isn't including you, she doesn't know she has to because she is use to not answering to anyone. This is not something she is doing too you on purpose, she has to be told that you feel excluded. Everyone is different in how they feel. Some people have relationships where they don't text and see each other once a week and they are fine with that. Your relationship is you needing to be included in her life because you feel like she pushes you aside, but I feel she doesn't even know she is doing it, she just doesn't even realize.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
This is what she said to me yesterday...

9:09pm, Apr 21 - Nick: My gorgeous amazing smelly.poop
9:09pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Muax
9:09pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Hahaha uad to put poop haha
9:09pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Love you too!!! 
9:08pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I  sleep baby
9:08pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Yes
9:08pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Deep
9:07pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Deep dark red
9:07pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Sleep princess
9:07pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Its true
9:07pm, Apr 21 - Nick: 
9:07pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Deep dark red!!! Nice
9:07pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Te extrano, Te amo muchisimo deep dark red...
9:06pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Ok ok 
9:06pm, Apr 21 - Nick:
9:06pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I am sayin bye to marry
9:06pm, Apr 21 - Nick: If u wake up
9:06pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Ill be awake
9:06pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Sleep baby sleeep
9:05pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: My head is killing me
9:05pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Let me sleep then that way tomorrow comes or maybe if I don't sleep much I will text u
9:05pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Dont think i dont.onow it
9:05pm, Apr 21 - Nick: No im.the
9:05pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Yea
9:05pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Sadie is so freaking lucky!!!
9:04pm, Apr 21 - Nick: 
9:04pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I i want everyone to know im.with sadie
9:04pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: My says single ?
9:04pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Doesnt say a name
9:04pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I don't like to
Publish everything
9:04pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I know it just says in relationship
9:04pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Well I am privet...
9:04pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Aw about the fb?
9:03pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I am not scare. I have been there
9:03pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Didnt.know if ud like that haha
9:03pm, Apr 21 - Nick: And.hope it dont scare u i did add in a relationship lol but i didnt add your name
9:03pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I will be the man you want
9:03pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I want to be everything for you
9:02pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I try
9:02pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: You are a great man....
9:02pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Awww don't know what to say. You are awesome.
9:00pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Ill.wait forever
9pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Ill you
8:59pm, Apr 21 - Nick: 
8:59pm, Apr 21 - Nick: With YOU!!!
8:59pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I want everything
8:59pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I want a family with you and grow old with you
8:59pm, Apr 21 - Nick: You make life worth living
8:58pm, Apr 21 - Nick: And i always will your my life
8:58pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: And you always help me
8:58pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Ill be awake
8:58pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I know you do
8:58pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Oh ok.go ahead
8:58pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Mary texting me!!! Ahh
8:58pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I know.your busy and school.and.everything i understand that
8:58pm, Apr 21 - Nick: 
8:58pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I do
8:57pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I really see a future with us
8:57pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I hope.i.csn be forever
8:57pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: No no nick, love.. You are my best everything
8:56pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Tex you in a bit
8:56pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I dont ever want u like uuugh hes annoying haha
8:56pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Space? No believe me that I take it
8:56pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I just feel maybe she needs space
8:56pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I talk Valeria and you
8:56pm, Apr 21 - Nick: And.sometimes.outside
8:55pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I am there you know it
8:55pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Yea
8:55pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Awww at work?
8:55pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Thats why i dont text
8:55pm, Apr 21 - Nick: When u dont text i.think.ok.maybe she just needs time away
8:55pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Of you
8:55pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I am not tired
8:54pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: You don't bother me
8:54pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Or that your tired of.tslking
8:54pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: No no
8:54pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I just feel that im
8:54pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Ill try more
8:54pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Im.sorry we dont text much anymore
8:53pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Sounds good i miss you i.really want to see u
8:53pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: True
8:53pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Haha
8:53pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: That way we can see if we go to the gym or not
8:53pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Only way ill hurt u is by.squeezing to hard when i hug.u
8:53pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I will text u
8:53pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Ill never treat you that way
8:53pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Ok
8:53pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Sometimes without wanting
8:53pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Go to sleep love life!
8:53pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Everybody hurt different
8:52pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Hahahahahahs
8:52pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Asshole!!! Yes that one
8:52pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Im.not.him ill.never do things to.hurt.u
8:52pm, Apr 21 - Nick: and i never not want to be i.wana be next forever
8:51pm, Apr 21 - Nick: boyfriend, your lover, your baby, your asshole, your pain in butt haha
8:51pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Next to me
8:51pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: With me
8:51pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: You R the one that are here
8:51pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I don't have a name for you
8:51pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: You are everything
8:51pm, Apr 21 - Nick: You beat around the bush haha
8:50pm, Apr 21 - Nick: If im.not.your boyfriend to you. What am i?
8:50pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Ah?
8:50pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Dont shy away from the ? Haha
8:50pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: You can call me whatever you want bebe.
8:49pm, Apr 21 - Nick: U can call too i love hearing you
8:49pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Wait... So if im.not.your bf what am i???
8:49pm, Apr 21 - Nick: You text anytime of the day
8:48pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Dont ask me that
8:48pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Can I text you as soon as I wake up!?
8:48pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Go to sleep princess
8:48pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I am falling asleep
8:48pm, Apr 21 - Nick: sorry
8:48pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Lol
8:48pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Can't keep up with you
8:48pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Man!
8:48pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Silly you text quick Jajaja
8:47pm, Apr 21 - Nick: You had a boyfriend for a year you just didnt want to see it 
8:46pm, Apr 21 - Nick: You r my girlfriend and im your boyfriend if.not what r we ????
8:46pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Srx doesnt define a relationship its something that brings two.together
8:45pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Oh so wait the reason ur not my gf yet is csuse hahaha
8:45pm, Apr 21 - Nick: You know what i mean its not just stuff
8:45pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Dont let.him.go
8:44pm, Apr 21 - Nick: You have an amazing guy here , one that will cherish you and love you above anoyne.else.. a guy who will always do anything to make sure your ok
8:44pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I know all this "stuff"
8:44pm, Apr 21 - Nick: And i hope it means something to.u
8:43pm, Apr 21 - Nick: You know this stuff
8:43pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Aw ok ! Jajajajaj
8:43pm, Apr 21 - Nick: As ok?
8:42pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: As ok
8:42pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I will do anything and everything to make you hapoy everyday for the rest of your life
8:42pm, Apr 21 - Nick: i never want to end up just friends because it.didnt workout
8:42pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Poor babies
8:42pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Hahaha
8:41pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Just friends don't do what we do::: we know our thing
8:41pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I want you to tell.our kids u better do your homework.or ill get your daddy haha
8:41pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: We are more than that
8:41pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I never want to become.just friends
8:41pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I.never want to
8:40pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Song
8:40pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Lol
8:40pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Heart
8:40pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Te "Key" to my heard
8:40pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I knew from the beach it was you
8:40pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Like that song
8:40pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: 
8:40pm, Apr 21 - Nick: U had the key to my heart since day one
8:39pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Lol i do and your the only woman i there
8:39pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: You have a biggggg heary 
8:39pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Lol smart ass
8:39pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Your heary? Jajajaja
8:39pm, Apr 21 - Nick: One day i want your to want it too
8:39pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Heart
8:38pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Its what my heary wants
8:38pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I dont have to think about it
8:38pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I want to spend the rest of my life loving and.taking i know that now
8:38pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I know you would do that

8:37pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Im.the only person that you need and will always be here i love you more then anything.and ill protect and.fight and ill always of you
8:37pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I told you that I was thinking bout you silly
8:36pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Silly.... Read up
8:36pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: You are the only secure person I have
8:36pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I didnt know u were thinking about me
8:35pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: We don't talk... Not always something is wrong or bad... And think that I am thinking about you too.
8:35pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Keep what
8:35pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Learn what
8:35pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: In your mind
8:35pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: And I want you to always keep this
8:34pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I know::: but you need to learn
8:34pm, Apr 21 - Nick: That he or the did something to.hurt.u
8:34pm, Apr 21 - Nick: When we dont talk i get nervous
8:33pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I told you before ill do anything to forever whatever it takes
8:33pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I am here!!!
8:33pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Tuesdays and thurs.
8:33pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: 8:30 to
11 am
8:33pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Because we havent been talking much i have been missing you so mu h more
8:33pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: My classes start June 19
8:32pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Yes i csnt wait
8:32pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Then after work... You and me go to the gym. I will
Wake up early and meet you at the gym every morning (that I don't have class)
8:31pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I am not going to die
Love Jajaja I will see you every night when you swipe.. And we sit and talk (if I don't have class)
8:31pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I was sooo sad todsy because i missed you more today then i ever uave
8:31pm, Apr 21 - Nick: You have no clue how much i love u
8:30pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I am really going to miss u
8:30pm, Apr 21 - Nick: No i know i know... Its just no.more seeing u at work no.more waiting.on.ramp
8:30pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I didn't know it was so hard for
You... We talked about it poopy, we aren't growing apart... We ate going to have a different routing... But together... I will
See you
8:30pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Nothing wrong with that
8:30pm, Apr 21 - Nick: But yes to me your my girlfriend.
8:29pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Ill wait till marriage and u know it
8:29pm, Apr 21 - Nick: That will. Ome when ur ready
8:29pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Poor hulk
8:29pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Im.not after sex
8:29pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Its hard babe this is hard
8:29pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Jajajaja
8:29pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Girlfriend without sex
8:28pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Don't be low
8:28pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I dont care to me your my gf have been for a year
8:28pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I don't know how to handle it so I ignore it ... I know you have been low
8:28pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Your my girlfriend and i already out in a relationship on fb so everyone.knows
8:28pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: 
8:28pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I have been low because this is our last week and its really hard for me
8:27pm, Apr 21 - Nick: No were together and it makes me soo. Happy i have never felt this way about a person ever your the greatest thing to ever happen to me
8:25pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: You know well
If I want to have fun I want you... If I want sleep... I
Want you... If I wanna talk
About important things I want you.. If I
Wanna eat I want you ... If I need an advise I want you... So if that isn't together....: tell me what it is.... 
8:25pm, Apr 21 - Nick: And i hope you never have to talk to anyone else but if you feel you need to or want to please tell me
8:24pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Before it was just no no lol
8:24pm, Apr 21 - Nick: You tell me were together and there could be more someday
8:23pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I don't talk to another man since I know you
8:23pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Well u do now
8:23pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I don't give you anything... 
8:23pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Yea we dont talk much but its ok
8:22pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Before u never gave me anything
8:22pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Even tho we don't text too much you know you are number one for me: no friend/ man/ better than you.
8:22pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I because you tell me
8:22pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I am happy now that you are more secure and don't worry about shit
8:21pm, Apr 21 - Nick: You deserve everything and i love happy
8:21pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Let's see how I sleep tonight (and you too) and we can go to the gym
8:21pm, Apr 21 - Nick: And ill.never stop as long as you
8:21pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I just want you to know that I appreciate you and all you do to make me happy
8:20pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Today was horrible i missed you so bad i was sad
8:20pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Your the greatest girl ever and im.glad your "mine"
8:20pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I know 
8:20pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I love everything about you
8:20pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I love you for you
8:19pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Just good stuffs.. How I "always" have fun with you... How we can do nothing and be fine... How you love me without any conditions. How I can trust you... And how you are always exceptional with me.
8:18pm, Apr 21 - Nick: What have you been thinking about
8:17pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I hope so
8:17pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Not a bad way for you love
8:17pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Nick you are def my best friend. I am always secure with you:::
8:17pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Not a bad way for me lol
8:16pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Oh really?
8:16pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: And I have been thinking about you. In a good way
8:16pm, Apr 21 - Nick: Im eatching scrubs because i miss u so much
8:16pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I wish too
8:16pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Do you?
8:16pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I wish i was there to help you id spoil u
8:16pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: I just ate a lil choko
8:16pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Trying to get rid of the headache
8:15pm, Apr 21 - Nick: I miss you soooo bad today!!!
8:15pm, Apr 21 - Keyla: Nothing, I am texting Jessica and you
Expert:  Dear Debra replied 5 years ago.
This is going amazing! What a big change. This is the start of an amazing relationship. Your text are really honest and you are telling her how you feel which is so important that she knows how you feel about her at all times. This gives you that reassurance she needs to continue to open up too you. I see he saying that this is more than just a friendship and she is basically telling you that you should know that this is more than just friends. She knows how she feels about you and she is trying to tell you that she is your girlfriend, whiteout really saying it. She drops those little hints, in a flirty way. I see such a major change in her and keep doing exactly what you are doing because you won her over with standing by her and never giving up. I think at first she was nervous that you wouldn't be there that you would give up, but you gave her the time she needed to see that you were going to be there for her. Now you both are ready to start a wonderful relationship together. You are establishing such a strong bond with one another, these text messages show me that this relationship has really developed.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
We were talking again and she says sthis guy Tom and ryan want to take her out they like her but they are ugly and she's buy with school. Not that I'm with you nick I don't need to just I'm busy and there ugly.. Than she said issac from the other shift is very cute but dumb.. Than I said so your not giving them a chance because of your schedule not because u have me then she said I don't date I hate it you know that... She said I would love to be with your forever but who know what's could happen..
Expert:  Dear Debra replied 5 years ago.
She is trying to see how you react to what she said. She feels the need to tell you that there are plenty of other people who would love to date her but she chose you. Then she tries to play it off like she is busy and doesnt like to date but the truth is she loves you and she chose you. If you said those things too her she would be worried.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Debra I'm getting frustrated what should I do? We were supposed to hangout yesterday after she was done work and she never texted me so I texted her and she's like I'll see you tomorrow meaning Sunday for my birthday .. I said I thought were seeing each other she said I don't feel well and don't feel like talking.. So she comes over Sunday at 8 am and gives me a new iPod touch for my b day stays 10 mins and leaves no kiss nothing just hope you like it I have to go.. I asked why didn't I see u yesterday and she said I didn't feel good I had something's to do that's why I didn't see you.. I didn't care about a gift I just wanted to spend the day with her and I only get to see her for 0 minutes it really bothered me. Were not hanging out as much anymore were not talking as much we talk once and a while now.. What do I do?
Expert:  Dear Debra replied 5 years ago.
That was very nice to come over and give you an iPod touch, but you are upset that she didn't stay. I want you first to look at the positive. She had come over to give you a gift and that is a very important gift because it is special, if she put any song on it, you really need to pay attention to those. It sounds like there is something going on in her life that she is dealing with and she is having trouble dealing with what every that problem is, I want you to tell her that you are here for her if she every needs to talk about anything. She could be nervous about you and her. She might feel like if she gets close you are not going to want to be with her still. I feel like she gets close too you and pulls away because she is nervous. You need to reassure her that you are here for her and that she can tell you anything that you both need to be honest with each other.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
She knows I'm here I always tell her. She told me she's not affectionate and she knows I'm romantic she said she would hate if I left but she's not asking me to stay she knows she can't give me what I want she says were together and that she's my gf but her friends know me as her friend nick.. I'm always here for her she used to be affectionate and loving when we were getting to know each other now nothing I'm serious nothing I have to imitate everything it's getting boring.. We don't kiss unless I do it we don't hug or even talk uless I do it.. We don't kiss anymore or hug or anything we barely talk she's never wanting to talk we used to hangout all the time now she will say were hanging out sat then sat morin she won't text or say anything so I'll ask what happened she will say I didn't feel like doing anything I'll text u later and won't hear from her for a day or so.. I'll have to text first..
Expert:  Dear Debra replied 5 years ago.
There seems like there is something going on in her life and she does need to talk with you about it. I want you to bring up how you feel. She could be backing off because she feels you are going to leave her. She said she would hate for you to leave so you are giving the impression that you are leaving and that should not be happening in a well established relationship. People need to feel secure in their relationships. They need to be able to wake up every mourning confident that the person they love wants to be with them and that they can fully open their heart knowing it will not get broken. She is someone that has had relationship problems and took her time getting to know you because she was not ready. Now she is under the impression that you wan to leave her. This is something that has to change in order to go forward. I want you to simple say too her, I feel like you are pushing me away and I would like to understand why? I don't want to leave you and I feel that is how you feel, but I am here for you always and forever.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No she told me she knows I'm here and she know that I love her she never has toworry about that.. But she has been very distant and canceling plans with me all week and ignoring my texts.. I have noticed patterns are different I truly believe she's doing something with her ex.. I told her I'll always be here and such and she just smiles but then she's on her phone texting her friends and when I text she says she's busy gtg.. I'm not stupid I can see someone if losing or not interested anymore. She has been very distant and when I bring it up she says she is comfortable with how we are she's re.axes and I need to be and I told her I can't be relaxed when I give you so much love and treat you great and you don't even kiss me or tell me you love me uless I do it first I said it's hard to be like that... I told her I k ow you love me but your not in love with me I feel you love me as a friend only..she says I am deeply in love with yo if anything happens to you I wouldn't be happy... You know when someone's in love with you it's obvious and she's not.. .
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Debra we had some problems with me worrying about her non affection and this is what we talked about...
Now you tell me if she sees me as a boyfriend or just a friend with her comment...

Nick is you who always go up and then down the hill with this. I am very stable. I dont want problems... I have a lot to worry about and you aren't going to be a source of stress for me... It used to be but not anymore. I know now and I have known for a while that you worry for nothing. I am letting you do what you gotta do to feel better and get out of your own confusions. It's obvious that Everytime you act like that I Am not going to be a part of the game. It's you started and it's you who should finish it. I only want somebody that can give me company and support no fights and judgement all the time. You can be both, so be nick and stop going in circles like you have these weeks. I have always been if e with you and I have nothing to say. My life doesn't go around anybody... You know well I like to do what I want and that is something that nobody can't take away from me. You know everything  about me from the beginning. If there is going to be a next time for all the drama that I went thru last week, don't bother on writing me a novel because I won't even read it. I know it by heart. Worry about your future, school and work... You have me along the way... You are number one, not me. I am at the house right now , came here early and wlked the dog. I will be leaving here soon.  Hope you understand. I dont want to talk about this anymore. I don't.
Hope you feel better with yourself and that you can sleep and eat like a normal person. You looked terrible last night.. But that's what you chose. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others. 
Expert:  Dear Debra replied 5 years ago.
I can tell you right now that she is an outstanding person, who cares about you deeply. She wants what is best for you and wants you to take care of yourself and not always think of her, that is extremely thoughtful. She is someone who is not selfish at all and use is thinking of you. That is a great person. What you need to do is stop analyzing this relationship and enjoy each others company. She doesn't want you to explain yourself or say your sorry or write a letter apologizing for your actions, she just wants you to take care of you, so you both can be together. She is getting tired of explaining herself too you that she cares about you. I know she does because people that think of others like she is thinking of you is a good person who loves and cares about you. You need to be confident pin how she feels about you and stop second guessing her feelings, she doesn't want to have to prove her love too you all the time. You want to have a relationship where you don't argue or question each other the whole time you are together. If you are constantly getting her upset, she will back off and you do not want this at all. Tell her now things are going to change and leave it at that, show her you can change. If you could accept my answer.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I understand what your saying but it's hard not to worry and over think I'm always showing love and affection and she gives me nothing I mean nothing no kisses or hugs she barley tells me she loves me she's been ignoring me and my texts and I haven't seen her in 2 weeks and when I say I worry she gets mad how can I be comfortable and relaxed if I don't wven know how she feels she doesn't show any intrest anymore and I feel like she's playing me.. She says no she's jot and that I should know how she feels about me.. But she's always on her phone texting but never me when I text her I wont hear back for days... It's getting annoying I don't deserve that.. Than she says she enjoys being single and I said oh your single she said u kwo what I mean I like doing whatever I want.. She doesn't see me as a boyfriend like I see her as my girl.. She doesn't love me like I do her... It's frustrating
Expert:  therapist84 replied 5 years ago.
Have you talked to her about how you need more physical affection than she is giving? If you have talked to her about what you need from this relationship and she has not given it to you, then that right there is a fundamental flaw within the relationship. You are right, you don't deserve that, and it seems like you already know what to do, you just don't want to do it. Being single is sometimes a difficult thing to be, especially when you are the one who initiated it - but what would make you happier? Being in a relationship that seems to be one-sided? Or being single with the possibility of finding someone else who treats you like an equal? This is the main question that you need to answer. Are you okay with settling with someone who constantly makes you question them? Who does not take your feelings and needs into consideration? But who is still (mostly) there? Or would you rather be single and alone for an indefinite amount of time, but with the possibility of finding something better out there?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I'm just going to be more strict and distant.. If she wants to hangout sure if not oh well and I'm not going to stop looking for someone else if someone else comes along I will talk to them she's a great person she just has problems and I don't want a girl who can't show me love I deserve better.. But we can be friends..
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I'm just going to be more strict and distant.. If she wants to hangout sure if not oh well and I'm not going to stop looking for someone else if someone else comes along I will talk to them she's a great person she just has problems and I don't want a girl who can't show me love I deserve better.. But we can be friends.. I don't think she is over her ex still and that's a problem I feel she is still sleeping with him too..
Expert:  therapist84 replied 5 years ago.
You definitely deserve someone who treats you with the amount of caring that you are treating them. Good luck!

If you need any followup advice feel free to contact me; I also welcome feedback on my response.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
We got into a huge fight because I was insecure and jealous and she said don't text me I need time how long should I give her before I contactbwith good morning or something? I don't want this to be the end but it could be the end she's really mad at me.. And there's this new guy she's friends with so maybe she will start talking to I'm I don't know I'm in he'll right now I miss her..