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i lend some money to what i thought was a friend and hopefully

Resolved Question:

i lend some money to what i thought was a friend and hopefully a boyfriend, and he been telling me that he loves me since last year. All we been doing really is texting he hardly ever called me and when i tried to call him he do not answer. I aske whats wrong with him he says he's afraid of me, that i am a real woman that he do not trust women because his wife cheated on him. But I have tried to be there for him and reasure him. I seen him a couple of times since last year. He lives with his mom but now since i asked for my money back its like he turned on me. He says he is in a relationship and he don't owe me nothing and he never borrowed from me and i called a woman answered his phone, he tells me im mad because he don't want me like that. just a few weeks ago he says he loves me. I'm confused where this unnecessary action came from. He has been depressed because he is on medication and he have pains he got hurt from his job and can't work anymore. I got angry and called cursed him out and talked about him. I don't think I will ever hear from him again. He was my first boyfriend when we were kids and we found each other last year. He is a big lier I don't know if he did this to push me out of his life or he could not pay me back or he really have someone and treated me so bad and i tried to be there for him, he even told me that himself. This guy have me confused. Shall i just leave him be and never ever contact him after what he did?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dr. Paige replied 5 years ago.
Hello. You have known this guy for a long time and it sounds as if he is using you a little bit. I think you should not pursue a romantic relationship with him in any way, but you don't necessarily have to never see him again because he is a childhood friend. I would just be careful and only talk to him again if you are certain that you can keep him at a distance and do not allow him to draw you in or make you think he feels more for you than a friend. If you think that you are not capable of doing that, then I would say that it is best for you to cut all ties with him. It really does not matter if he is in a relationship or not. If he is not going to pay you back, then treat that issue accordingly and as it is, not to be connected to any type of relationship, just as one person lending another money. I definatly recommend distancing yourself from him.
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