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psychlady, Counselor
Category: Relationship
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Ok Im sry to burden u with a question like this but Im desperate

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Ok Im sry to burden u with a question like this but Im desperate for advice. I have always dated women but resently I have decided to go out with a guy that I meet online that I have feel for and realized my true sexuality. Anyhow Were both in our early 20s he dated other women and broke up with a guy cause he cheated on him. Anyhow he returned a text that I wrote and started texting, decided to go on a date and he was so excited and I was. I meet him and went to get a bite to eat; we really hit it off well that nite and he came back to my place for a bit he had to get up early for work the next day so he couldnt stay(he is an EMS dispatcher) Anyhow that nite he texted me that he got home and really enjoyed the nite and said he hoped I wasnt upset more happened. I told him that can wait cause I really think he is the relationship type. He texted "Im so glad to here u say that "I was worried"and said good night sexy. Anyway after that the text diminished and I would text him and wouldnt here back until a week. I asked if I have done something wrong am I clingy for saying what I felt. we talked on phone told me no worries and he is still interested. Well week went by and our plans to hang were gone because his cover didnt show up at the hospital and he was sry. Next couple days he sexted me but not much writing. He would text good luck sexy on your test at school. but that was when I intiated the text. he then told me to call. I asked him to hang out tonite and no reponse yet. My question is do you think he is still interested but I made him to comfortable so he is become complacent and wants me to intiate? why wont he text more? I always dated women and they tell true feelings this is all new to me. Maybe he just dont want to spill his true feelings? afraid maybe. sry about this long broing ques but I need to see what others think? Thankyou

Don't worry about asking any question. This site is just for you. Relationships are very complex and men are not conditioned to share their feelings. I don't know him but this could be partly to blame. Don't worry yet. Sometimes it takes people awhile to warm up and he may be one of those people. Let him get to know you and then tell him you like when he initiates. You do this very subtly but directly so that he gets the hint. He may have a valid reason such as not being the type to communicate what he is thinking. You may have to get used to men's style of communication which can be less than a women's style. You may try a great book just about this called Mars and Venus on a date. You would love it. He isn't going to spill his true feelings yet. He is feeling you out. Decide if you think it is worth being patient. If it is he may just be behaving like a typical guy.


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