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JaRee1993, Counselor
Category: Relationship
Satisfied Customers: 180
Experience:  I am a licensed Mental Health Counselor who does individual, group, relationships, family and pastoral counseling
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"FROM A WOMANS PERSPECTIVE" Please. Ive recently within

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"FROM A WOMAN'S PERSPECTIVE" Please. I've recently within the last year re-connected with an old friend via facebook. I actually dated her sister about 25 years ago. It started out as "Just Friends" and has turned into something very exciting and romantic. She is the closest thing to perfect I've met in a long time. She shared something with me that happened 25 years ago that I really am having a hard time wrapping my mind around. When I was dating her sister, their house burned. Sherry, the younger sister and the lady I am dating currently was crying and looking for her Teddy Bear...then 14. Her sister Sheila was picking on her as siblings do. Sheila then was 16. I guess no one had ever stood up to Sherry's older sister Sheila, but I being Sheila's boyfriend then, did. I told Sheila to shut up and leave her alone. I put my arm around her, pulled her head over to my shoulder and let her cry. I then found her Teddy Bear and asked is this what you're looking for. Sherry, now 40, shared with me that she has loved me from that moment on? Really? That every romance she has ever had she has held them to my standard. Really? That she used to sit in the living room when I would come over to pick her sister up, and just stare at me. Really? I know this was a traumatic time for her, but wasn't this more of a puppy love? this even possible? I feel her love now is genuine and is stronger than I've ever known. But could this really be possible? Thanks for your help. I can not do the virtual/IM thing so please just respond via normal email text.


JaRee1993 :

Hi, thank you for contacting Just Answer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am a mental health counselor. It is not unusual for a woman, especially since we are emotional beings, to carry feelings we developed in childhood and adolescence through our adult life and have it affect our current choices and desires. This is especially true if these feelings developed during a time of trauma. Mu concern would be that she understands that you are just a man and not the knight in shinning armor that she perceived you to be back then. Is this a relationship you are thinking of pursuing? I will be waiting for your reply? Thank you, Ja`Ree



Hello JaRee,


Yes I am pursuing the relationship. She is an "AWESOME" lady. No one is perfect, and she can get a little jealous for no reason at times, but all in all she is the most beautiful creature both inside and out that God ever blew a breath into, and has an amazing heart. I have 3 inbox messages on Facebook right now and all three are from females. I am 47. One is from a friend and neighbor I had back in Florida who is probably about 80 now. One is my age and she and her husband both graduated highschool with me and we all are just friends. One is from a 17 year old girl who is dating a friend of mine's son. None of them meant anything. They were simple hello how are you. I provided a limo for my friend's son and his date for prom. The 17 year old was just saying thank you. She doesn't read the context, she just merely sees that the only inbox messages are from women. She doesn't bother to see one is old enough to be my mother, one is young enough to be my daughter, and one...I graduated with her and her husband. She gets a little bent out of shape. I truly am trying to see things from her perspective, and I do to a degree, but I have nothing to hide, yet she makes me feel as if I do (sometimes).



JaRee1993 :

If this is a relationship that you think you would like to be in for a lifetime, then I recommend that you find someone you to can talk to as a couple and learn how to communicate with one another to resolve these issues so that they do not become big issues down the road. Couples counseling does not always mean you are having problems, it often means you want to build a healthy happy relationships and learn how to avoid issues that can hinder that and hurt the relationship. I wish you both all the best.

Please let me know if I can assist you further in this. If this answer has helped you then please press the Accept button at the bottom of the page so that I can be paid by Just Answer. Also, please fill out the feedback form so that I can know how to better serve our customers. Again, thank you for contacting Just Answer.

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