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I was in a relationship for 3 years . Now my girl left me because

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I was in a relationship for 3 years . Now my girl left me because I did not return the money I had borrowed from her. I started since last month to return it by installments. It was a matter of trust I believe. I suspect she is in a relationship now even though she denies it. Is any hope that we will reunite? I am deeply in love with Anita (June 25, 1967) and I need your advise Marinos (31-10-1951)

alicia_miller :


It's never an easy situation when money is involved. For many people, money and trust go hand in hand. If your ex is ignoring your attempts to communicate, she is sending you a message that she needs space. The best thing to do, at this point, might be to respect her wishes. You run a high risk of pushing her away even further by continuing to pursue contact.
If you still owe her money, try to repay it as soon as possible, whether you are getting help from a friend in England or not. That will show her that you can be trusted and that you are not taking her feelings lightly. But it's not possible to predict how she will respond to this, or whether she will choose to become involved in your relationship again.
As far as her possibly being in another relationship, there's no real way to know unless she gives you this information directly.
Take a step back and give her the space she seems to need right now. The old adage, distance makes the heart grow fonder may be applicable here. If she really loves you, deep down, then she will come back to you. And if you really love her, then giving her space and repaying the debt might show her that you respect her.
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