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My 2 year relationship has ended, I ended it as he was treating

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My 2 year relationship has ended, I ended it as he was treating me badly, I treat him really well bt now hes telling people that im a horrible person and that he was the one that ended things, I dnt understand why he would do this?

CoachJenK :

Hello, thank for joining me. Please forgive any typos as I get very immersed in my work with you and sometimes my brain goes faster than my fingers.

CoachJenK :

It is clear that he is having difficulty accepting this ending so he finds it easier to say he was the one who ended things. A bit macho too it seems and his pride can't take in the truth to his behavior and to you ending things

CoachJenK :


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
He will pick out anything that ive dun wrong 2 use against me wen the truth is I went above and beyond 2 try and make him happy, in the end I really felt I had no choice but to end things
I understand all of that. Is there a way for you to ignore any and all of what he does and says and move on with a clean slate? You know your truth so what he says does not really matter. If you remain paying attention to what he is saying then you are not really giving yourself the freedom to move on as you remain locked in this dynamic and on some level keeps the relationship going.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Do u think that is what he is trying 2 do? Keep things goin? He has a couple of things left here that he needs to pick up bt weneva he says hes coming to get them he doesnt show, today wen I ask when hes coming for them I said I would put them out for him if he lets me no when hes coming, he said that is childish that he would only come to get them then leave n that he wudnt stick around to talk, I dont want to see him at all, im tryin 2 heal and I no it would hurt me
It seems like he is trying to hang on in whatever we he can. If you truly want to move on then the less contact-clean break is the best way to go. Only you can decide that for yourself based on what you desire.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It has to be that way I dnt feel like I have a choice im just confused and hurt with the way he is being especially him telling other people things about me that arent true just to make me look bad
Then live by that choice and don't pay attention to what he is saying. People that know you know who you are and how you conduct yourself. So, follow your instinct to move and and live and make choices according to that choice. Best of luck with it all. You deserve to be happy.
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