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I met a guy on line . He is in sales. Told me he was seperated

Resolved Question:

I met a guy on line . He is in sales. Told me he was seperated but when I asked him was he legally he said no. He left his marriage due to verbally abuse .His son does not talk to him , daughter going off to china , house on the market , x wants everything she gives me the bills . One day he called to my house for coffee he would bring the scones and I noticed he was wearing his wedding ring . He said he wears it to stop people taking an advantage of him . May be it was meant for me . He probably forgot to take it off. At weekend s we never meet . He was either tired had to be with his nephews or brother was diganosed with cancer . I suggested meeting half way but he said he cant cause he was going to England in a few days time . I told him he was bored in his hotel room . His answer to that was he was a firm believer of what is said is said and wished me all the best . Was he telling the truth I miss him
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 5 years ago.

It sounds like he is going through a very difficult time with a lot of emotions on his part. It is questionable whether the weddingn ring is really about being taken advantage of. That is a strange connection to make. If you are going to be in this relationship you may have to accept that there are going to be this emotional roller coaster with him. That may take a lot of patience. You have to decide how much you believe and how much trust there is going to be. If he isn't in a place to have a serious relationship then you may have to accept that the timing may be wrong. I would leave it up to him since he is the one with so much going on.


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