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Married man who I gave letter too without knowing he was married

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Married man who I gave letter too without knowing he was married rang today on my mobile . He said if he was single he would do something?!He then told me his wife works in the same building as him and the people who will be here instead of him cause trouble( as if I would tell complete strangers about him!
He then asked where my father was and that he would not ring again( apparently he tried calling my mobile when he was by my house . He was 'worried' that his phone no would show up on my phone but he is still keeping my email!!! What the hell is he up to? He knows it won't go any where so why is he keeping it? He also said I will see you around why is he keeping my email?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Relist: Other. Suzanne was not available and I am short on time What I failed to mention is that his new job is in a part of town which is aboutXXXXXhe asked via his own private email . His answers are short and direct but why is he keeping my email?

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It sounds like he's making some really bad choices. Keeping your email is a sure way to get caught by his wife, someday. Most likely he needs the ego boost that your emails gave him, and is keeping them to read when his wife doesn't pay enough attention to him. He's clearly intrigued by the fact that you approached him...maybe nothing like that ever happened to him before. It sounds like he's fantasizing about you, but isn't willing to risk his marriage to see what would happen. I'd suggest putting a block on his phone number, and consider changing your email address so if his wife ever finds the emails, you won't have to worry about her finding you, and confronting you. Even though you're perfectly innocent---she won't see it that way.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Oh god, does this mean I have become the equvilant of cheap porn material to him?
Something to er you know when he's alone? Is that all I am? A quick one of the wrist as we say here in the uk?

What a great saying...I'd not heard that one before.


I didn't mean fantasizing in that way...but now that you mention it, I suppose it's possible. But remember, it's not actually "you"...because you never gave him anything physical to use in his fantasies.


But really, I meant that the ego boost of having an attractive woman ask him out will probably warm his heart for years to come.


Don't lose a moments sleep worrying about this...we never know what people are thinking about us, and it's better that way.

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