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I met someone through a dating website and weve spent the

Resolved Question:

I met someone through a dating website and we've spent the last 5 weeks together. I have strong feelings for him and he has been the one to see me, spend time with me and we have had a physical relationship - the first person I have felt comfortable to do so for 3 years

However he suddenly went cold on me and said we needed to talk, his work have told him he has to move to London. He won't discuss it with me and basically dismissed our relationship as 'only for a few weeks' and its better to break up now than down the line. He says he cant commit to spending time with me

I told him how I felt and that I was prepared to wait and see what happens. I know he really likes me and that he's trying to be fair to me, but I just feel he's being very dismissive

I have a demanding job too and wouldn't expect him to commit to me, we were just enjoing getting to know each other and seeing what happens

Should I give him a break for a while and see what happens, he was so nervous when I saw him last, I really feel he has strong feelings for me too, but his head is all over the place at the moment

Did he get scared about his feelings for me?
I don't want anyone else
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 5 years ago.

No one know why he has made this decision but him. However if he is scared of your feelings or is just too self involved then you have to accept that. Relationships fail sometimes not because they have problems but because of timing. One partner finds that they have something going on that they can't resolve in a relationship. He has said this so now your only choice is how you will deal with it. I think you should have limited contact with him considering he really likes you. You may find that by waiting it out you can work on the relationship later. If he cares he will eventually find a way to work this out. If you limit your contact you won't overwhelm him or scare him off. Just give him a short break and then see if he will come back together to have what you both need and want.


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