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so ive got this problem. Theres this girl that i like... alot.

Resolved Question:

so ive got this problem. Theres this girl that i like... alot. weve hooked up once or twice, but i get the feeling shes just trying to have fun. The last couple weeks its been all i could do to keep her out of my mind, but its honestly becoming a problem. should i tell her how i feel and risk f**kin it all up or just let it play out? When we iitially started hooking up it happened after i drove her car home to my place from the bar so she didnt have to. She had been with another guy, not together but she had been hooking up with him im sure until this night. weve been away from eachother on break and shell text me about a book shes reading or send me pictures of me from 6th grade she found. I jjust cant get a read on this girl and really need some help because shes just domiating my thoughts entirely.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 5 years ago.

If she is dominating your thoughts then you definitely have to take action. Remember however that she may not be ready for a relationship if she is hooking up with people. The better solution is to wait this out so you know that she really wants to be with you. However if it drives you crazy to do that then you have to tell her how you feel. You have nothing to lose since you aren't in a relationship now. Then you won't always wonder what if. She seems interested since she is emailing you about silly things. I would open the door by starting a conversation about dating and then see where it goes. If she seems to be bothered than abandon the conversation for the time being



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