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I meet a man at my dancing class in march

Customer Question

I meet a man at my dancing class in march and we both liked eachother he started to chatting me up and asking questions about my family and life adventually he asked me for my number in June he texted me that want to see me and i said i was busy as just started new job we eventually meet up in sept and had drink meal in pub and meet up again in oct for a walk in forest and then nov to fireworks and in begiinning of dec for drink in eve we eventually kissed and ended back at his and stayed nite then foloweing wek he came to mine then week before xmas we meet up i we had sex then i gave him a boyfriend card and he said not my bf he just loves for for sex and doesnt want hurt me we parted on good turns that nite he kissed me said see soon his gone back home to chek for 2 weeks over xmas i not heard from him will he text me when gets back i have texted happy new year no reply yet ? thanks
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  psychlady replied 5 years ago.

It is hard to say if you will hear from him. It is possible that he got busy but keep in mind you aren't the girlfriend. If you had this role then you would have more of a chance over the holidays and after to hear from him. If you are going to be just friends with benefits then you have to consider that he may go large periods of time without communication. If you have gotten together regularly then you probably will hear from him. His history usually is the best indicator for the future. I wouldn't be getting my hopes up beyond that considering what he said. You can however wait out a friendly relationship hoping it will become more than that.



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would like another point view
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I did eventually hear from man when he got back from holiday and meet up him twice he asked every week meet up but i delinced due be busy at work could this develop into more if a i saw him more hes very affecttion and loving when he see me?