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I just started dating again, and the first guy I went out with

Resolved Question:

I just started dating again, and the first guy I went out with seems to have Gay tendencies. Can a guy seem a bit awkward toward women and still be heterosexual. Also, are there people who do not prefer either sex?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dr. Paige replied 5 years ago.
Yes and yes. I hear a lot from men who feel very uncomfortable around women. gay tendencies can mean a number of things. From the way he dresses to actually looking at other men and everything in between. Men who are comfortable with their own sexuality have no issues with taking care of themselves as far as getting manicures, etc. Many heterosexuals do this kind of thing. I have met people who prefer to be alone as well. There are endless reasons for this, but some people just don't care to be in a relationship of any kind. There are all kinds of people out there. "Normal" is a term I get asked about all the time and its such a gray area these days.
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